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4 Ways To Minimize Data Use in the YouTube App. Without doing damage to viewing pleasure. YouTube is undoubtedly the world’s favorite video streaming platform, but it sure can be a data hog if you let it. While using DSL or Fibre internet at home might make you care very little for bandwidth use, mobile users often have to count every megabyte. So if you want to enjoy YouTube content while away from cheap fixed internet connections, you’ll want to maximize how much video you’re getting for limited data caps. The good news is that there are more than enough ways you can use YouTube with its mobile app that will cut down on your data bills without doing much damage to your viewing pleasure. If that sounds like the sort of thing you need in your mobile life, read on for practical tips on how to minimize YouTube’s data hunger. The Obvious One: Lower the Video Quality. By default, YouTube tries to stream at the best quality your connection can handle. On a fast modern mobile connection that means full HD video is youtube download via cellular no sweat at all. Except, HD videos can clean out your mobile data cap in a hilariously short time. So you should make a point of manually choosing a lower quality for the video you’re streaming to avoid wasting data on video quality you probably aren’t going to appreciate on a phone screen. You can do this in the app by tapping on the video playing so that the controls appear on top of the video. Then, tap on the three dots at the top right corner. The first option will be Quality . Try to pick a quality that’s a good compromise between visual crispness and the type of content you’re watching. If it’s a talking-head video played in that youtube download via cellular tiny portrait mode window, you might as well knock it down all the way to the 144p setting, which barely uses any data at all. The SD 480p setting also looks great on the typical smartphone screen, depending on how close the display is from your youtube download via cellular eye. Download Your Videos Preemptively. Did you know that the YouTube app lets you download videos? OK, this isn’t universally true, but in certain regions of the world regular users of YouTube can download videos to their device while on WiFi and then watch it when on mobile data without using any. If you don’t live in a region where YouTube has deigned to provide this feature for free, you always have the option to pay the YouTube Premium subscription, which also enables downloads. Depending on data costs, this might be cheaper than streaming on your mobile package and has the added benefit of also removing adverts from YouTube, saving even more data! There’s also the YouTube Go applications, available in selected youtube download via cellular regions. This app is a super stripped-down version of YouTube built to run on low-end devices and use less data, while being built around downloads at its core. You can have both apps installed on the same device with no issue, so if you do have access to it in your region, it’s worth a try. Restrict HD Streaming on Mobile. Within the settings of the YouTube app (tap on your profile icon at the top right on the homepage), there’s one little toggle that can make all the difference when it comes to your data bill at the end of the month. It’s a setting that restricts the app from streaming at HD quality while your device is not connected to a WiFi hotspot. This means you don’t have to be constantly vigilant about managing streaming quality and can just watch clips confident that you aren’t absolutely trashing your connection. Also, it’s a good idea to turn off the Autoplay next video option in case you play a video and happen to leave your phone unattended for sometime. Use an Android App Player to Download YouTube Videos on PC. As it stands, there’s no official download feature for YouTube on a PC. So if you are on the go with a laptop, you can’t take advantage of that particular data strategy. That is, unless you get a little creative. You see, there are a number of Android “app players” available for Windows. Usually for free, if you can tolerate some light advertising. That means you can download the YouTube app and use it on a laptop by way of an app player. We’ve tested the download feature this way using a YouTube Premium account and can confirm that it works just fine. For now, it’s a great workaround for laptop users to take advantage of the WiFi at their work, school or at public hotspots to save videos for later. You Don’t Have to Feel The Squeeze. Online video is a wonderful source of information and entertainment. While the connection speeds needed to enjoy this content are now pretty commonplace, the data caps have not always followed suit. With a little bit of preparation and a few adjustments here and there, you can make that limited data allocation stretch much further than before. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor. He began blogging in 2007 and quit his job in 2010 to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Read Aseem's Full Bio. How to reduce YouTube data usage on your

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mobile device. If you like to watch YouTube when you’re on the go, there’s an easy way to reduce YouTube data usage in the mobile app. Streaming video in high-definition uses much more mobile data than watching in standard quality, and it’s not like you need to watch a cute cat video in 1080p to get hit right in the feels. With Ting, you pay for the data you use, so reducing data can save big money. Reduce YouTube data usage and save money. Take advantage of the Limit mobile data usage setting inside the app which forces YouTube to only stream HD video when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. If you’re using cellular data, videos will automatically stream in standard quality, saving you big time on data usage. Even if you typically remember to switch to standard when using the YouTube app, we’d suggest turning on the toggle just in case. If you have a YouTube Red subscription, go one step further and download full videos and playlists to avoid using mobile data altogether. Get the run-down in our quick two-step tutorial below. How to reduce YouTube data usage. Step 1. Open the YouTube app , tap the Options button in the top right corner, then tap Settings. Step 2. Tap General and enable Limit mobile data usage . That’s it! Find this tip useful? Have anything to add? Share your thoughts in the comments. If you’re looking for even more ways to save, here’s our complete guide to lowering mobile data usage. See what you could save. Ting Mobile’s unique pay for what you use approach saves people a lot of money. See what you’d save. How to download any YouTube video to your mobile in 10 simple steps. Know how can you can download any video from YouTube to your mobile directly with any software and app. After the emergence of YouTube, we are no

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more in the habit of downloading videos. But sometimes we are so much fascinated by some videos that we prefer downloading it so that we can watch it again and again without any internet connection. Have you ever thought of downloading a video from YouTube? If you a series or movie lover then you must have tried this already. Don't worry if you fail because at the end of this article you are going to learn how you can download a movie through YouTube. You can download any video from YouTube in 10 simple steps with any software and app. Curious to know how? Follow the steps : Step 1: Firstly, visit the YouTube app and search for the video you wanted to download and open it. Step 2: After opening the selected video, pause it. You can see a share button below the video. Step 3: Click on the share button, and you will see an option to copy the link. Click it and copy the link. Step 4 : After copying the said link, visit your chrome browser. Step 5: Open a new tab and paste the copied link in the search box. Step 6: Your video will be opened in the browser. Step 7: After the video is opened, move your cursor behind the letter 'y' in YouTube. Step 8: Erase everything behind the word YouTube. Step 9: After erasing 'http://m.', type 'ss' in the same place before 'YouTube'. Step 10: After typing, click search . Now open the new link) From here you can download your video easily. You can even choose a format. So by following simple 10 steps you can easily download the video file to your mobile. You can even use this method for your desktop. Now say goodbye to all unnecessary downloading app and download video directly. This is a much easier and better option for