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6 Ways to Download YouTube Videos to Your PC. YouTube is always one of the best websites for hunting funny things and sharing interesting findings, because it offers an endless supply of excellent videos from an online community where all sorts of people can show off their creative skills and talents, upload the record of great shows, movies and events. You may want to download the YouTube video off the internet, but get confused in a sea of YouTube downloaders. If you happen to be one of the Windows users and wanting a way for doing the job, you can refer to this article which gives you 6 different but very easy ways to download YouTube videos to your PC . Wanna download Netflix movies and TV shows, just try Netflix Video Downloader. Download YouTube Videos with Desktop Software. 1. With Any Video Converter Free. Any Video Converter Free is one of the best desktop video downloaders for downloading videos and music audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, etc. Free YouTube Video Downloader and Converter. ✔ Download videos and music from YouTube, Instagram and 100+ sites ✔ Convert any videos to more than 200 output formats ✔ Enjoy high efficiency video coding/H.265 video ✔ Burn any video to blank DVD disc to create DVDs ✔ Edit video clips with cut, crop, and special effects ✔ Extract audio from CD to MP3, AAC, M4A etc ✔ Support NVIDIA NVENC Transcoding Acceleration. You can follow the 3 steps to free download videos from YouTube with Any Video Converter Free. Step 1: Download and install Any Video Converter Free. Download and install Any Video Converter Free on your Windows PC. Step 2: Add URL(s) to Any Video Converter Free. Launch Any Video Converter Free. Click on to open the adding-window. Copy the video URL you would like to download from the youtube download to desktop address bar, then paste the URL to the adding-window. If you are the heavy users who often download a bunch of videos, just simply click on " Setting " icon -> " Online Videos " -> select " Automatically add URL in the clipboard" . By checking this option, after you copy the URL, Any Video Converter will automatically analyze the URL and start downloading videos. Step 3: Start Downloading. Click on " Start Download! " button to start downloading videos from YouTube. After the downloading is complete, the program will automatically open the output folder on which you can find the well downloaded videos. Pros: Any Video Converter Free is one of the best YouTube video downloaders equipped with other more user features including video conversion, video editor and DVD burner. Cons: The free version is unable to download videos in batch. If you want to unlock the time limitation on DVD conversion, and the video screen recording feature, you can upgrade youtube download to desktop to Any Video Converter Pro or Ultimate. 2. With YoutubeDownloader. YoutubeDownloader is an application that lets you download videos from YouTube. You can just copy-paste URLs of any videos, playlists or channels and download them directly to a format of your choice. It also supports searching by keywords, which is helpful if you want to quickly look up and download videos. You can check out how to download YouTube videos to PC with YoutubeDownloader in the following. Step 1: Download YoutubeDownloader. Download YoutubeDownloader application from GitHub. This application requires .NET Core runtime for desktop apps, which you can download from Microsoft. Then go to YoutubeDownloader and click on "YoutubeDownloader exe" to run YoutubeDownloader application. Step 2: Start Downloading. Copy-paste URLs of YouTube youtube download to desktop or search videos by keywords. Finally, you can choose the output format as MP4 or MP3, then click on " Download " at the bottom to start downloading videos from YouTube. Pros: Download YouTube videos as faster speed. Cons: Need other components to run the application. Download YouTube Videos via Online Video Downloader. 3. With "keepvid" Keepvid is one of the most popular websites for downloading YouTube. And the website method is rather simple. You just need to open the website then copy and paste URL to the tab then hit download inside. Download YouTube Videos with Your Browser. 4. With Firefox. Add-ons are also can be added to Firefox for downloading YouTube videos with ease. Open Firefox on your computer, then click Tools on the menu bar -> Add-ons, and search and install plugin "Video DownloadHelper ", then restart your Firefox. When every youtube download to desktop time you play a video, the icon of Video DownloadHelper brightens, and you can choose the output format to start downloading YouTube videos. But you may need to download an external application to complete the download. Pros: The add-ons do not need to wait for the video processing. Cons: Need to download an external application. 5. With Chrome. A plugin from Chrome Web Store is needed. You can go to Chrome Web Store, and search for YouTube Downloader plugins. Here is the simple guide on how to download and install a Chrome extension and show how it works for downloading videos from YouTube. Step 1: Download the YT Downloader Zip file from Addoncrop Site, then extract the Zip File. Step 2: Open the chrome extension URL with chrome://extension and enable developer mode. Then click on "Load Unpacked" and upload the extracted file. Step 3: After you have completed the installation, YouTube video downloader extension will automatically add "Download" button below the video you are playing. Step 4: Click this " Download " button and it will display all available formats in which you can download your desired video. Select the required format and resolution and save the video directly on to your system. Pros: With the YouTube video downloader chrome extension, the video downloading experience would be very easy. You could download YouTube and other video sites with the single click of the Download button under the video. You can even choose to output format (MP4, Webm) and video quality (720p, 480p, 360p, 240p). Cons: Some YouTube video downloader chrome extensions are not able to download all YouTube videos. If some chrome extensions died, you need to seek a new one. Download YouTube Video with Media Player. 6. Download YouTube Videos with VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player is not only capable of playing local and streaming videos, but also download videos from YouTube and other popular websites. Now, let’s check out how to download YouTube videos with VLC Media Player on Windows PC. Step 1: Download VLC Media Player on your Windows PC and open VLC. Step 2: Navigate to YouTube and copy the video URL you would like to download from the address bar. Then return to VLC Media Player and select " Media " -> " Open Network Stream " at the upper-left as shown. Step 3: On the pop-up window, paste the URL of the YouTube video you copied. Click on “Play” button to start playing the video. Step 4: Click on " Tools " -> " Codec Information " to copy the full URL shown at the bottom of the media information tab. Step 5: Open a web browser page and paste the copied Location URL into the address bar. And once it runs, click on the three vertical dots and click on " Download " to start downloading videos. Pros: It is easy to learn about how to download YouTube videos by using VLC Medal Player. If it works on your machine, you do not need to spend time in seeking other YouTube video downloaders. Cons: You may encounter some problems when in the operation. Since it is not a professional video downloader, you can try the software that are expire in video downloading. That’s all. Here are the best 6 ways you can use to free download videos from YouTube to PC for watching without ads or offline viewing. If you want to download YouTube videos to macOS X, you can refer to 6 Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to Mac. We Also Recommend: Netflix Video Downloader. ✔ Download Netflix movies, TV shows documentaries and more ✔ Download Netflix videos with HD (1080p and 720p) quality kept ✔ Support downloading subtitles and audio tracks ✔ Support fast multi-stream and multi-video downloading ✔ Smart search for Netflix movies, TV shows, documentaries ✔ Modern, clean and user-friendly interface. How do I download or save a YouTube video to my computer? YouTube is designed only to allow users to watch and view videos on their website. Many users want to

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download or save their favorite YouTube videos to their computer so they can watch them without being connected to the Internet, or on other devices. YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a download service on another website to download a YouTube video. Below are several options for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer for free. This page only provides instructions for downloading or saving a video to your computer. Instructions for saving a video as audio is on our saving only the audio of a YouTube video to an MP3 file page. To transfer videos to your smartphone or tablet after it's downloaded, see the how to download a YouTube video on a smartphone or tablet steps. Use a website to save YouTube video to your computer. Today, many websites allow you to enter the URL of the video you want to save to your computer and get a link to download the video file. Below are the steps for downloading a YouTube video with one such website, . The functionality of downloading a YouTube video on the website does not work correctly in the Internet Explorer web browser. If you still use Internet Explorer, download a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. First, go to the YouTube page containing the video you want to download. When you've found the page, press Ctrl+L on your keyboard to highlight the text in the address bar, and then Ctrl+C to copy the Internet address. If you are on an Apple computer, substitute Ctrl with the Command key ( ⌘ ). Go to the website The page shows a text box where you can enter the URL of a YouTube video. Click inside the text box to place your text cursor there, then paste the address that you copied in step 1 by pressing Ctrl+V (or ⌘+V on a Mac). A preview thumbnail image of your video is displayed 5 to 10 seconds after pasting the YouTube video URL in step 3. Click the blue Best Download button next to the video preview. Depending on the Internet browser and its settings, you may see a prompt asking what you want to do with the video file. Select the Save option to save the file to your computer. The video file may also begin downloading immediately with no prompt. If the video opens directly in your browser, right-click the video and choose Save Video As . The file name defaults to the video name or "videoplayback" with a mp4 or webm file extension, depending on the best quality video available for that URL. The "best download" button may not show you the actual file format you will download. For instance, the button may say "MP4" even if

the best available format is WEBM. If desired, change the file name to something related to your specific video. You don't need to enter the file extension (such as .webm ). The extension is added to the file automatically. Click Save to save your video. By default, it is saved to your downloads folder. Download HD YouTube video with youtube-dl. If you want to download a YouTube video in HD (high definition), your options are limited. Most websites, such as the one listed above, do not allow you to download HD video for free. However, the free program youtube-dl can download any available YouTube video format to your computer, including the HD version. Youtube-dl can be downloaded for free at the youtube-dl website. Click the Windows exe link to download the program. The youtube-dl.exe executable file can run directly from the command prompt. For example, to download the best quality of a YouTube video, run youtube-dl.exe URL , where URL is the URL of the video on YouTube. In the example pictured above, the video downloaded by youtube-dl was the HD version, with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The file was saved in the MKV format, which is supported by many media players, such as VLC. By comparison, the same video downloaded from the KeepVid website was the SD (standard definition) version, with a resolution of 640x360 pixels even though the site listed the "best download" as HD. For a complete guide to using youtube-dl, see our article how to download YouTube videos and audio with youtube-dl. What about a private video? You cannot download private videos because the YouTube download service would not have the necessary rights to access them. I still can't download a video. If, after following the steps above, you don't get a preview like our example, make sure that the link you are using works by opening the page in a new window. Once verified as working, try the above steps again. If the steps continue not to work, try refreshing this page by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard and following the above steps again. YouTube bookmarklet, browser add-ons, and extensions. If you plan on downloading several videos, you can also use the Computer Hope YouTube bookmarklet. See our bookmarklet page for more information about bookmarklets. There are also browser add-ons for Firefox and extensions for Google Chrome to download from video sites. YouTube Music Desktop. Free cross platform Desktop Player for YouTube Music. Enjoy your music. About MDB. Bootstrap 4. Thanks to MDB you can take advantage of all feature of newest Bootstrap 4. Detailed documentation. We give you detailed user-friendly documentation at your disposal. It will help you to implement your ideas easily. Lots of tutorials. We care about the development of our users. We have prepared numerous tutorials, which allow you to learn how to use MDB as well as other technologies.