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Karaoke Songs: Download Free & Sing Online. Karaoke is a popular entertainment for amateur singers or just when you’re bored. You usually sing along with recorded music, with lyrics displayed on your screen, and then get your singing assessment. Everyone can sing karaoke at home using a DVD player, a special karaoke system or just a PC. The last option seems the most popular one: you can sing karaoke online on special websites or download karaoke songs off the Internet and play them with free audio software. In this post we’ll guide you through: Top 3 Sites to Sing Karaoke Online. YouTube. YouTube is a great video sharing site to find thousands of free karaoke songs uploaded by other users. The good: it’s free to sing karaoke online; you may save any karaoke video songs for free with Freemake HD Downloader: it’s possible to find almost any song in karaoke version. The bad: you won’t get your singing ability assessed; most karaoke videos are of 240p or 360p quality, with white lyrics on black background; a lot of annoying ads on free karaoke videos. RedKaraoke. RedKaraoke is the largest karaoke community on the Web. Sing up and get access to thousands of streaming karaoke songs updated every week. The good: 45,000+ karaoke songs for live singing; high quality karaoke music; VIP membership fees start from $1.99/week; possibility to record your singing and upload your recordings to the library; you may follow your favorite musicians or other members and post comments; apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Smart TV. The bad: no free or paid downloadable karaoke songs; you have to sign up; Adobe Flash Player is needed to sing and record karaoke in real time. At you may find and sing with friends any karaoke song from YouTube, including the new releases. The good: fast and easy search for karaoke songs; already filtered and selected karaoke versions of popular songs; mobile-friendly site for phones and tablets. The bad: too much advertising (both on site and YouTube player); no download optopn as advertised; slow load times. How to Get Free Karaoke from YouTube. Step 1. Download and install Freemake Video Grabber. Step 2. Go to the site, find a karaoke song you want to download and copy its link. Step 3. Insert the link into Freemake video application. Step 4. Choose the video quality you need. Step 5. Click the big button to save the karaoke video. PRO Tip: In case you have a DVD disc with karaoke, learn how to copy DVD here. 3 Best Sites to Buy Cheap Karaoke Songs. The Karaoke Channel. You may download, sing, record, and share karaoke on The KARAOKE Channel . The website has plenty of karaoke songs to choose from and offers users different kinds of membership. To get a karaoke song from The Karaoke Channel, you need to browse the karaoke list and buy a track you want. Then go Digital Locker (Official Store) of the service, select your song and left-click on a downloadable format (MP3, MP4, WMV) and click the “Save” button to finish the download. The good: 8,000+ songs library; you may sing karaoke in real time, so that other site visitors can see you; paid membership fees start from $4.95/two days; you can record your karaoke singing; besides video karaoke files with scrolling lyrics, there are available MP3 samples for music players; there are The Karaoke Channel apps for iOS, Android, Smart TV, and Xbox; the songs are available on a plenty of languages, including German, Hindi, Russian, etc. The bad: downloadable karaoke files cost $1.45; black screen as a video background. Karaoke-Version. is a popular site with instrumental MP3s. Besides, it offers popular karaoke videos in different languages and of all possible genres. Most of them are paid, though there’s also a collection of free karaoke videos. The good: 130+ free and high quality karaoke videos available; easy-to-navigate karaoke catalog; the files are downloaded in WMV format (learn here how to convert WMV to MP4) ; videos have beautiful backgrounds. The bad: most popular songs are paid ($2.99); signup is needed to download files. Karafun. Karafun is a free software with over 20 thousands of karaoke songs. Just download and install the program, sign up and enjoy your favorite karaoke music. The good: impressive videoke collection; high quality music; plenty of setting to customize to individual singing style; song queue; possibility to save playlists for offline singing. The bad: only demo versions without signup; pricing plans starting from $5.99 for 2 days. Bonus! 20 All-Time Karaoke Hits. In case you don’t know which karaoke song to sing tonight, have a look at these popular karaoke songs of all time. #20 Bruno Mars – Grenade. #19 Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You. #18 Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer (watch?v=TLCQT2F4PT4) #17 Radiohead – Creep. #16 Guns ‘N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine. # 15 Madonna – Like a Prayer. #14 Cranberries – Zombie. #13 Britney Spears – Baby One More Time (watch?v=NCk_AU3LWJg) #12 Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA. #11 Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca. #10 Let It Go – Theme from Frozen. #9 Salt N Pepa – Shoop. #8 The Eagles – Hotel California. #7 Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On. #6 ABBA – Waterloo (watch?v=kEsjWi1SxVQ) #5 Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. #4 Adele – Someone Like You. #3 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock N’ Roll. #2 Al Green – Let’s Stay Together. #1 Michael Jackson — Billie Jean. How to Download Karaoke Songs from YouTube. Karaoke is one of the most popular forms of entertainment all around the world. It’s hard to find a person who had never been to karaoke bars or used a specialized system to sing their soul out in a company of friends. Unfortunately, the bars are likely to lack the most recently released and niche music. Besides, sometimes you want to stay home with friends and have fun doing karaoke by yourselves. YouTube is the perfect option for such cases as it has karaoke versions of almost all songs. Here is how you can download favorite songs for karaoke, and sing them whenever, wherever: 1. Download and install the 4K Video Downloader. It's available for macOS, Windows and Linux. 2. Open YouTube. Type in

the name of the song into the search bar and add ‘karaoke’. 3. Click the video to open it, then copy its URL. 4. Launch 4K Video Downloader and click the Paste Link button. 5. Select the quality type and click Download . 6. That’s it! Just wait a few seconds until the downloading is finished and you can enjoy singing along to the song. You can also watch a complete video guide “How to Use 4K Video Downloader”. Where to Download Karaoke Songs for Free? Do you love singing? Are you a professional or just a music lover? Do you want to practice singing karaoke songs a little by yourself, from the comfort of your home, and doing karaoke with your PC? If you’ve never tried to do karaoke is the time to do it! The first questions that maybe you could ask are: What I need to do Karaoke on my PC Where to download Karaoke songs for Free? The answer to the first question is very simple: just download and install KANTO KARAOKE on your PC. It is a free and powerful tool able to turn your computer into a karaoke machine. It allows you to manage playlist, record your voice over the songs, open karaoke lyrics on dual screen, etc… About the second question, below you can find some tips aboht how and where to download karaoke songs for free. With Kanto Karaoke you will be able to play different types of Karaoke Songs: video karaoke, mp3 karaoke, midi files, CDG+MP3 files, KFN (karafun) files and .KAR files. Solution 1. Download free Karaoke Songs from Youtube. Almost all songs have karaoke versions in YouTube. All you need is a YouTube video downloader to download karaoke songs from Youtube to hard drive. Click Here to download and install ALLMYTUBE , one of the best Youtube Video Downloader on the market. How it works to download free karaoke songs from Youtube? It’s very simple: Find the karaoke video you want to download on Then p ress the Download button which

should appear upon pageload on the top right corner of the video. You can also download video karaoke from youtube copying and pasting the URL on AllMyTube. Once you download the video karaoke files from youtube you can play them with Kanto Karaoke player. Solution 2. Download Karaoke Songs for FREE from Internet. You can find a lot of free karaoke and midi files on the following websites: Some midi files could be without lyrics. This is not a problem! You can easily add lyrics to midi files using Kanto Syncro . Solution 3. Download Professional Karaoke Songs (1.99$ only per song) is one of the best website where you can find professional, high quality karaoke songs. You can download karaoke songs in mp3 , mp4 , wmv , KFN or CDG format. All these karaoke types are supported and compatible with our Kanto Karaoke Player. Solution 4. Kanto Karaoke Player. If you do not want to download karaoke songs and you want to play them online, Kanto Karaoke player offers the WEB BROWSER feature. Click on the button “Web Browser” to open (by default) the page of a Youtube Karaoke Channel with thousands of songs ready to play. You will have the full control of pages to open in the web browser and you will also able to enable the dual screen. 35 Comments. Señores Kantokaraoke, mi consulta es cuanto dura la versión trial, yo baje la versión pero me duro un tiempo y ya no funciona, lo desintale y lo volví a instalar pero nada, estaré atento a vuestros comentarios muchas gracias. Atte. Raul Serrano. Please send the details of the issue via email to Thank you! I PURCHASED KANTOPLAYER AND LOVE IT. I HAVE ONE PROBLEM WHERE SOME SONGS STOP BEFORE REACHING THE END OF THE SONG. CAN YOU CHECK THAT AND SEE IF IT CAN BE FIXED. THANK YOU. Try to go to Options and set Fade Out to zero. How can I use Kanto to record my singing along with the music coming from my android Karaoke machine.