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Clip Grab. With ClipGrab, it is very easy to save any video from YouTube, Vimeo or other sites to your iPad or iPhone. Just follow the following steps and you can watch your favorite videos even if you don't have an internet connection. Step 1: Install ClipGrab. First of all, you need to install ClipGrab on your PC or Mac. ClipGrab is a 100 % free and easy to use YouTube downloader and converter. Click on the button to initiate the download. Step 2: Insert the video link into ClipGrab. After you have successfully set up ClipGrab, you can now launch the program. Now you can insert the link to any YouTube video into ClipGrab. In order to do that, mark the link to the video in the address bar and hit Ctrl+C (or Cmd+C if you are on a Mac). After that, you can switch to the ClipGrab window. In the “Downloads” tab insert the copied link into the input field. You can do this by hitting Ctl+V (or Cmd+V if you are on a Mac). ClipGrab will now gather all necessary information about the video and you can proceed to the next step. Step 3: Start the download. Before you start the download, make sure the “Format” dropdown box is set to “MPEG4” because this format is required for iPad/iPhone compatibility. Step 4: Transfer the video to your iPad or iPhone. Now it's time to transfer the video to your iOS device. Connect the device to your computer and launch iTunes. Click on the iPad or iPhone symbol in the top right corner of the iTunes window to get the device overview screen. Transfer video without synchronizing your iTunes library. If you don't want to synchronize your iTunes library with the iPad in order to transfer the downloaded video, scroll down and enable the option “Manually manage music and videos”. After you have enabled this setting, choose “On This iPad/iPhone” on top of the iTunes window. Then click on “Add to . ” on the top right. Another screen will appear and you can now drag any video from your libary or downloads folder directly onto the right part of the iTunes window where the labels “Music” and “Movies” are. The video will then be transferred and you can enjoy youtube download ipad watching it on your iPad or iPhone whenever you like. How to Download Youtube Videos to iPad Directly | 2020 New. Sharing is caring. Tell your friends and help them solve the same problem. After reading this guide, you will know three ways to download YouTube videos to iPad (or iPhone). Whether you want to save YouTube videos to iPad directly or download YouTube videos to iPad without an app, you will find what you need here. 'Can I download YouTube Videos to iPad?' YouTube is one of the most popular video sites around the world and provides various kinds of videos for users to enjoy. Because of reasons like poor network connection or videos keeps buffering, you may want to download YouTube videos to your iPad to watch offline. Then here comes the question, "Can I download YouTube videos to iPad?" Of course, you can, generally with some third-party app or online YouTube video downloader. All the practical ways are detailed below. Choose the way best suited to your needs: How to Download YouTube youtube download ipad Videos to iPad Directly. Downloading YouTube videos to iPad can be easily done with the YouTube Video Downloader - EaseUS MobiMoMover. EaseUS MobiMovers can serve the function or iOS data transfer tool and YouTube downloader. With the YouTube downloader, you can: Download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, Twitter, and more for 100% free Save videos to iPhone or iPad directly without the transfer process Get videos to PC or Mac using URL for offline watching. All you need to do is connect the iPad to your PC/Mac, paste the URL in the program, and then save the YouTube video to your iPad. Afterward, you can watch the videos you like on your iPad offline. Follow to download YouTube videos to your iPad: Step 1. Connect your iPad to your computer, run EaseUS MobiMover, go to "Video Downloader", and choose iPad as your storage location. Step 2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to save, paste it into the bar in MobiMover, then tap the "Download" button. Step 3. After you click the "Download" button, MobiMover will quickly analyze the URL and download the YouTube video to iPad. When it has finished, you can check the video in TV youtube download ipad > Library > Movies on your iPad. The program won't take your iPad space since it is installed on PC or Mac. It can download YouTube videos to your iPad or iPhone directly without the transfer process like using online video downloaders. The software also helps when you want to transfer files between two iOS devices or between an iDevice and a computer. Thus, you can also transfer files to an iPad, back up the files on it, or transfer data from one iPad to another if you need to. Don't hesitate to give it a try. How to Download YouTube Videos to iPad Without App. If you want to download YouTube videos to iPad without app, you may prefer to download YouTube videos to your iPad to watch offline using some online video downloader. Using online tools frees you from installing apps. However, the problem is that you may further need to transfer videos from computer to your iPhone/iPad. There are many online YouTube Downloader that will help you save YouTube videos to a computer and(or) to a mobile device. Almost every online tool has ads on the interface, but some are more acceptable than others. After a search and trial, I recommend you use an online utility called YouTube Video Downloader. Although a new page will pop up asking you to download an extension when you click "Download", you can youtube download ipad close it easily and start the downloads without another bother. With the online YouTube video downloader, you are able to: Save a YouTube video on your iPhone/iPad directly via the link. Choose the quality and format (MP4 or WebM) of the video. Choose whether to download the video with sound. To download YouTube videos to iPad without app: Step 1. Visit on your computer or iPad. Step 2. Copy the link of YouTube video in the URL box and click "Download". (If you are lead to another page asking you to download something, close the tab and go back to the previous page. ) Step 3. In the "Download Video with Sound" section, choose one of the options available and click "Download". Step 4. When it has done, go to the "Downloads" folder on your PC to check the videos and then transfer the YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad. If you download the Video on your mobile device, you can check the saved YouTube video in the Photos app. Step 5. Afterward, you can watch YouTube videos offline on the iPad or edit the videos as you like. You can get the videos you like without any app installation. You are able to save videos directly to iPad. You can choose the quality according to your needs. How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad. The last two methods require a computer at one time or another. Is there any other way to download YouTube videos on iPad? Yes, there is. And there are two options for you: Option 1. Subscribe to YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 per month, on your iPad or iPhone. Option 2. Use a third-party iOS app to download the video via URL. Method 1. Download via YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is an advance service provided by YouTube. If you have bought a YouTube Premium subscription, you can not only enjoy YouTube videos without being interrupted by ads but also save videos for offline viewing on the YouTube app on your iDevice. Step 1. Launch the YouTube app on your iPad and click to watch the video you intend to download. Step 2. Click "Download" to save the YouTube video to your iPad. Step 3. When it has done, click "Library" > "Downloads" to check the item. Method 2. Download YouTube videos via iOS Apps. iOS apps like Shortcuts and Documents are helpful to get YouTube videos onto an iPhone or iPad. Given that the YouTube download app - Documents may not work in the US, I'd like to introduce how to use Shortcuts to save videos from YouTube to iPad. Step 1. Visit on your mobile device and download Shortcuts. Step 2. Click the "Share" button in any app on your iPad, click "More", and then switch on "Shortcuts". Step 3. Go to watch the video in the YouTube app, click "Share", and choose "Shortcuts" > "Download YouTube". Then the download will start. Step 4. When it has done, select "Save to photo album". Step 5. Now you can see the video existing in the Photos app on your iDevice. If you like this method, make sure your iDevice is running iOS 12 or above. Use YouTube Premium is a completely safe and legal way to get things done. You can use the software without a computer. The Bottom Line. You now know well about how can you download and save a YouTube video and downloading YouTube videos can be done in different ways. You can use software like EaseUS MobiMover, online YouTube video downloader, or YouTube downloader for iOS to get and enjoy the videos you like. If you like a versatile tool that is useful not only in video download but also in iOS data transfer, EaseUS MobiMover is your best choice. If you don't want to install any program or app, using an online downloader is recommended. While if you intend to download YouTube videos on iPad, the last option is for you. Choose and apply the method that can satisfy your needs well. Related Articles - ALSO ON EaseUS SOFTWARE. Carman - How to Download TV Shows to or on your iPhone/iPad and Watch the series Offline? In this blog post, you will get two met… Lionel - When it comes to how to download music from iPhone to computer, here comes EaseUS MobiMover and iTunes. With these tool,… Daisy - When you bought a new iPhone and want to add music to it, EaseUS MobiMover is the best software to transfer music from P… Cedric Grantham - If you have iTunes

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playlists disappeared, you can refer to these two simple ways to recover them: one is using an old iT… How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad Directly – NEW [2020] 4.8 Stars rating for all Softorino products (2,013 Reviews) Home Youtube Converter Other How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad Directly – NEW [2020] Here’s how to download YouTube videos on iPad directly & sweepingly fast. No iTunes or Jailbreak needed. The only tool required is a simple YouTube downloader for iPad. 🔥 We have to admit that we watch tons of YouTube videos on a daily basis! But if you don’t have Internet connection & worry that your favorite videos can be removed – it’s best to download YouTube videos on iPad directly. Rest assured – there is a ton of YouTube to iPad downloaders that you can use. To be honest, there are sooooo many times when you find a video or a song that you pretty much fall in love with (and you can’t locate it anywhere on the web except for YouTube). Finally, with this guide, you will be able to save YouTube videos on your iPad & never worry about losing ‘em ever again. Table of Contents. Option 1. Softorino YouTube to iPad Converter. Softorino team is laser-focused on delivering amazing products. Softorino YouTube Converter is one of them. It downloads videos from YouTube, even music. It’s a simple YouTube video downloader for iPad or iPhone. Best of all, no need for iTunes & extra apps. If it sounds sketchy, don’t worry – you have the right to feel skeptical about it. But I’m sure that all your skepticism will vanish away after you see how easy you can download YouTube videos on iPad and play them from your native that’s by default on your device! All you have to do is to find the video URL and download it to your iPad for watching it offline later. What does this mean? You can use only 1 tool on your desktop to download videos from YouTube to iPad. It’s 100% safe & secure. Using native video/music apps developed by Apple is much more battery efficient (awesome!). How to Download YouTube videos on iPad Directly (NO iTunes) Okay, now without further ado, here’s the guide that will show you how to download your favorite videos from YouTube to iPad. It consists only of 3 steps: Step 1. Download Softorino YouTube Downloader. The download is free. You will also have 1-day free trial. The full license of the app costs $19.90 (1-time payment – use forever). Step 2. Launch the app and connect your iPad (or iPhone) to your computer. Step 3. Search for the video & hit ‘Download.’ Simply go on YouTube and copy the link of the desired video. Well, right now the application will recognize the video without you pasting the link in there. Once you open it – you’ll notice the file in the downloading list. Be sure – if you copy 10 links more, they all are gonna be added to the queue the spot. This lets you download whole playlists simultaneously. Pay your attention to the panel below, where you can select the desired quality rate. It varies from 360p to 2160p. Right after – choose your iPad from the list. Now, tap on Home Videos folder on your device and play your video. The downloading speed is pretty fast too. There are many times when you don’t always have Wi-Fi or an Internet connection, and you want to watch YouTube offline (e.g., your favorite video blog or a

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documentary), but there’s no chance to do this. You may be in a subway, or you may also want to watch YouTube videos offline on iPad during the airplane trip that takes a significant amount of time. Now with our utility, there’s finally a way to download YouTube videos on iPad & iPhone and never worry about losing ’em. Is there more? Oh, yes. You get: Full support for HD videos (it can download the 4K & 60fps videos) Bullet-fast transferring speed. Converting YouTube videos to MP3s (so that you can listen to them as audio) All the downloaded files are available from pre-installed Video/Music apps. Option 2. Using YouTube Premium. What’s YouTube Premium? It’s YouTube’s paid subscription, and by now you probably heard all about it. Besides being absolutely ad-free, it also helps you download YouTube videos on iPad or iPhone directly. It’s pretty simple, really. Just below every video, you will see a ‘Download’ button. Click on it, select the quality, and download it on your device. The subscription costs approximately $12 per month. Option 3. Online tools + iTunes (or Finder on a Mac) I know what you’re thinking ‘Isn’t there a free option to do this?’ Well, yes. However, it’s not as efficient, as easy to use, as the two options we’ve covered already. Actually, it’s a bummer, but you will still need to use iTunes. First of all, it’s because it consists of 2 stages, so it’s not a direct way to download videos to the iPad. However, it’s still useful if you occasionally need to add videos from your computer to iPad. Basically, all you need to do is to google any online video converter. Most of them look sketchy, but nevertheless, they do their job. All you need to do is to put in the URL and wait till the download is finished. Lots of online converters also give you the option to convert your file to MP3. Then you will need to connect your device to iTunes (or Finder if you have macOS Catalina & above). Go to the Summary tab; there you will see an overview of your iPhone contents. Then, select Movies and drop your MP4 file into iTunes that you downloaded to your iPad. In Conclusion. Using this YouTube to iPad downloader, you can quickly download and watch YouTube offline anywhere. Just get any video on your iOS device, whether its an iPad or iPhone – doesn’t matter! There’s no need to install additional plug-ins, worry about converting the videos beforehand. And of course, you don’t even need to use iTunes! This allows you to save YouTube to iPad & iPhone for personal viewing extremely fast & easy. Other solutions include using YouTube’s paid subscription YouTube Premium. Besides giving you an ad-free experience it also lets you save videos and music in a snap. The third option is to download YouTube videos to iPad using online video downloaders and iTunes. Although it’s counter-intuitive, it’s free to use. P.S. Nowadays, downloading YouTube videos for watching them without an Internet connection is possible only if you have YouTube Premium subscription. However, SYC 2 is a much easier tool that has the same (or even more) functions, and that is free to download and use for 24 hours. This is finally the solution on how to access YouTube content offline. In fact, you can download YouTube videos on iPad, iPhone, or iPod all without iTunes. So, now downloading videos for offline viewing from YouTube to iPad is as easy as it can get (just a click away).