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How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos – 4 Solutions [MiniTool Tips] By Zoe | Follow | Last Updated March 30, 2020. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. Summary : YouTube is the world largest video-sharing platform and there are over 30 million people visit YouTube per day. As a YouTube user, sometimes you might find you can’t watch a video on YouTube. That means the YouTube video may be blocked. So how to watch blocked YouTube videos. Read this post to get the answer. Quick Navigation : Can’t Watch Some Videos on YouTube. YouTube has billions of users. On the one hand, users are enjoying watching videos on YouTube (With MiniTool Movie Maker released by MiniTool, you can also create YouTube videos). On the other hand, users are bothered by some annoying features on YouTube, such as YouTube ads, clickbait videos, spam comments and more. As one of them, to solve this, you can read this post: However, they may be not the worst things you’ve ever meet. You find a video that you are interested in, but you can’t watch the video after clicking it. Only a line of words shows up: This video is not available in your country. Another situation is your favorite YouTube creator upload a new video today, you get depressed when finding you can’t play the video and receive the error message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. So why do they happen? According to YouTube Help, some YouTube videos get blocked in your country for two reasons: Video creators have chosen to make their content available only to certain countries (usually due to licensing rights). YouTube may block specific content in order to comply with local laws. In this case, this post offers you four solutions to watch blocked YouTube videos. Solution 1: Bypass YouTube Regional Filter. YouTube videos are not available in your country for geographic restriction. You want to watch blocked YouTube videos. Fortunately, there are two very simple ways to bypass YouTube regional filter. Change YouTube video URL. If you can’t watch a video on YouTube, change its URL. For example, the blocked YouTube video URL: You need to replace “watch?v=” with “v/”, and the YouTube video URL becomes After that, you can watch blocked YouTube videos successfully. If this method can’t help you, you can try another way to bypass YouTube regional filter. Use Hooktube. Hooktube likes a YouTube mirror site. That is to say, Hooktude is a YouTube alternative. With it, you can watch all videos on YouTube without regional restriction and age restriction. Hooktube has a simplified interface. It is loading faster than YouTube because it removes some annoying features of YouTube. Thus, you can watch YouTube videos without distraction. Besides, you can also download YouTube videos on this website. Want to watch blocked YouTube videos on Hooktube? Continue with the following steps. Open the Hooktube site to access its main interface. youtube download blocked videos Type the blocked YouTube video’s title in the search bar and hit the Enter Then find the video and open it. To make things easier, you can redirect YouTube URL to Hooktube. Open the blocked video on YouTube and find the address bar. Replace “you” in with “hook”, the video URL becomes After redirecting YouTube URL to Hooktube, you can watch blocked YouTube videos bypass the geographical restriction. Watch this video and learn how to watch blocked YouTube Videos quickly. Solution 2: Use Proxy Server. Since YouTube blocked specific content in some countries, in this case, you can change your location to bypass YouTube regional filter. So how to hide your current location to avoid YouTube blocking some specific videos in your country? You can try using a proxy server. A proxy server is a server evaluates client requesting some service to other servers. You can use proxy server browse some webpages without exposing your IP address. With it, you can hide your identity and surf the internet anonymously. It’s a safe way to protect your privacy, because every time you browse the web, online trackers could identify you and youtube download blocked videos you may probably leak your information. To protect your privacy and watch blocked YouTube videos, a proxy server is an excellent tool. By using a proxy server, you can replace your location with a proxy IP address when using YouTube. In this way YouTube will think you are based in the proxy IP address, then you can watch videos on YouTube without regional restriction. Here introduces you a proxy server – ProxFree, the YouTube proxy. It is a free YouTube proxy which can unblock any YouTube video in your country. Follow the steps below. Open the ProxFree, the YouTube proxy site to access its main interface in your browser. To change your location, click the Server Location box and choose the location which can watch blocked youtube download blocked videos YouTube videos from the drop-down list. Enter the YouTube URL into the blank box and click on PROXFREE. Then type the title of the blocked video you want to view in the search bar and press the Enter. Solution 3: Use VPN. There is one thing you need to know, the proxy server does not encrypt your traffic which could leak your information when you browsing websites. Compared with a proxy server, you’d better use a VPN. VPN, so-called a virtual private network, helps you access the web privately. It can unblock geo-restricted videos on YouTube. Moreover, all content on the web you can’t view in your country, with a VPN, you can browse any content you like. It can hide your IP address, change your IP address and help you access blocked websites. There are serval free VPN. Hotspot Shield Free VPN. Hotspot Shield Free VPN has ultra-fast VPN servers, supports military-grade encryption and all platforms. With the free version of this VPN, you can access all US content from your favorite applications or websites with limited data allowance per day. And the free version contains ads. Betternet VPN. Betternet VPN youtube download blocked videos is a free and unlimited VPN proxy for all platforms. It can mask IP address, encrypt internet traffic for privacy protection. In addition, Betternet VPN claims it can detect your location automatically and connects you to the fastest server, so your connection will be faster than other VPN. SkyVPN. SkyVPN is a fast VPN proxy server that allows you access blocked websites for free. It won’t track or keep logs of your activities. Unlike other VPN, it has no annoying ads. Besides, SkyVPN is now available on all platforms. Solution 4: Download YouTube Videos. You may know that, using VPN free version to watch videos on YouTube at the fast speed is not possible. That’s why those VPN providers offer another version – Premium. More premium users they have, the more revenues they earn. If you just want to watch blocked YouTube videos without restriction, you may choose other solutions. This post already introduces three ways to unblock YouTube videos. What if Hooktube doesn’t work anymore? What should you do? Don’t worry, you can download blocked YouTube videos to your computer and watch them offline. As a frequent YouTube user, you may know that free users can’t download videos from YouTube. If you want to download YouTube videos, you need to get a YouTube premium. Do you want to learn more about YouTube premium? You can see this post: 4 Reasons about Why You Need a YouTube Premium. If you have no budget for YouTube premium, you’d better use YouTube downloader. There is no need to worry that downloading videos from YouTube is illegal, although it’s indeed breaking the rule. Use YouTube downloader. MiniTool uTube Downloader. Here recommend you a free YouTube downloader – MiniTool uTube Downloader. MiniTool uTube Downloader is free YouTube video downloader. You can use it to convert YouTube videos into MP4, WEBM, MP3 and WAV and download YouTube subtitles. Also, you can download music youtube download blocked videos from YouTube for free. Features. It’s freeware. It contains no ads. It can convert YouTube videos to other formats, such as MP4, WEBM, MP3 and WAV. You can download videos from YouTube without having to log in. You can download YouTube videos as much as you want. You can download YouTube videos with subtitles. Most YouTube downloader won’t download captioned YouTube videos, the downloaded YouTube videos always has no subtitles and people would download YouTube subtitles from other tools. As we all know, most people have to rely on captions, when they can’t catch the speaker. To those who have disabling hearing loss and suffer a hearing problem, it’s better to download captioned videos from YouTube. Maybe you’re looking a YouTube video downloader which can download captioned videos. Why not trying MiniTool uTube Downloader? Do you want to download some interesting Facebook videos? If you don’t know how to do it, this post will offer you 5 free Facebook video downloaders. To download videos from YouTube with MiniTool uTube Downloader, follow the steps below. Step 1: Download and install MiniTool uTube Downloader, launch this tool to get its main interface. Step 2: You will see the homepage of YouTube on this page, then type the video name you want to download in the search bar and hit the Enter key. Then the searched results will be listed here, scroll down this page and find the desired YouTube videos. Or you can directly copy the blocked YouTube video’s URL and paste the URL in the address bar of MiniTool uTube Downloader. Step 3: After opening the desired video you want to save, click the white Download icon to start downloading the video. Step 4: Choose the video format you like, then click on DOWNLOAD . Then, you can watch blocked YouTube videos offline. Use YouTube downloader online. If you just think there is no need to download an app for watching a blocked youtube video, online YouTube video downloader is your choice. There are a lot of online youtube downloaders. This part will introduce the best youtube downloader to you - Online video converter. Online video converter. Online video converter is the most popular video downloader. It’s completely free and downloads youtube videos quickly. Moreover, it supports 14 common file formats such as MP4, FLV, AVI, MP3 and so on. It also supports various different video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and ted and more. To unblock youtube videos, follow the steps below. Open the Online video converter site to access its main interface. Click on CONVERT A VIDEO LINK to continue. Paste the link of a blocked youtube video in the address bar. In the end, click the Start button, it will download the blocked video automatically. Hi, if you can't download blocked video from YouTube, you must try this website - Deturl. Conclusion. To sum up, this post offers you four ways to watch blocked YouTube videos. After reading this post, you must have mastered all these solutions. Have a try! If you have any question about MiniTool uTube Downloader or any ideas about this post, please contact us [email protected] or leave a comment below. How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos With Ease? Is there any way you can watch blocked YouTube videos? Congrats! The answer is Yes. This blog is going to tell you why some YouTube videos are blocked and restricted, and give you the best tips on how to unblock YouTube videos. Here we go! Part 1. Reasons Why YouTube Videos is Blocked. YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website and the world's largest

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platform for video publishing. However, most of us must have encountered such situations that "The video is not available in your country." It's a little bit annoying, isn't it? If you find a YouTube video is unavailable, there can be many reasons behind it. Country and Region Restrictions. Some YouTube videos contain "inappropriate" content and get restricted by some countries or regions. And YouTube has made great effort to comply with local laws. Therefore, YouTube will limit your access to the particular videos so as to restore its service on those countries and regions. If you're living in these countries like China, Iran, and North Korea, you must already know that those countries block YouTube completely and you don't have permission to watch any YouTube video. But don't worry, this post also teaches your how to watch blocked YouTube videos from those restricted countries. School and Office Restrictions. YouTube might be blocked in some schools and colleges. Because to students, it's an irresistible distraction to watch YouTube. So, to help students focus on their study, some schools restrict access to YouTube and other sites. Also, some organizations and offices block YouTube access to help their employers concentrate on works. Video Privacy Settings. If you're not able to watch some YouTube videos, it is because the video uploaders set up the video privacy settings. If the video uploaders block you, then you're being prevented from watching their YouTube videos. In this case, you should message the video uploaders. Video uploaders may also set the location restriction to only show their videos in certain countries. If your country is not listed, you can't watch the videos. For your information, YouTube tracks your IP address and finds out your region or location. Part 2. Reliable Methods to Unblock YouTube Videos. Method 1 - Unblock and Download Restricted YouTube Videos With VidPaw. STEP 2. Paste the URL in VidPaw YouTube Downloader Now, open VidPaw YouTube Downloader and paste the video link into the search bar. After that, just click "Start". Method 2 - Use VPN and Proxy to Unblock YouTube Videos. Automatically anonymize and encrypt your traffic. This will protect you from being surveilled. Provide a high-speed network that allows you to watch HD YouTube videos without any lag. Cover reliable proxy services from all over the world. STEP 2. Connect your VPN Tool After you find and download a dependable VPN tool, just select a proxy service close to your region. And remember to choose one that is eligible to watch all YouTube videos without restrictions. STEP 3. Refresh Blocked YouTube Videos Once the VPN software is connected, you can go to YouTube and refresh the video page. Normally, you're able to watch videos on YouTube without any restriction. If the video is still unavailable, go back to the VPN tool and select other proxy services. Method 3 - Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Quickly with "v/" Way. Among the three methods provided, the Method 1 is the safest and most dependable for you to watch blocked YouTube videos and download them for offline watching. By using VidPaw Free Online Video Downloader, you save the trouble of using VPN Proxy tools because it may not be that easy for you to find a reliable one and some need you to pay. Moreover, the quick way would fail sometimes which also brings other annoying issues. Therefore, VidPaw is highly recommended in regard to watching blocked YouTube videos, and if you think this post is pretty helpful, please share the blog to others to help them solve the blocked YouTube videos problem. Your efforts are appreciated. Download Youtube Videos and Playlists for free! Audio. Video. Fastest YouTube video & MP3 downloader HERE! Start downloading now! Frequently Answered Questions. Yes. This app is and always will be free. Donations and all other kinds of support are greatly appreciated though. You can help

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