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What are the Best Youtube Video Downloader for Ubuntu. Downloading videos from Youtube to your PC comes in handy especially when you know you are going to be offline for long periods of time, for instance when you are catching a flight or a train. What's more is that it gives you the convenience of watching your videos without interference should the internet connection suffer some degradation. In this article, we will see the different tools that you can use to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu 18.04. Read and know how to install each on your Linux machine. 1) Youtube-dl. Youtube-dl supports download of videos in different file formats as well as audio from Youtube and other sites. By default, Youtube-dl will download the highest quality of the videos being downloaded but in case of a slow internet connection, a lower quality can be downloaded by passing some arguments. Some of the notable features of Youtube-dl include. Downloading all video files from a playlist Ability to resume interrupted downloads Ability to convert video files into MP3 files Ability to download videos of varying resolutions e.g 4K , 1080p , 720 p Ability to set the maximum download rate. There are 3 ways youtube download 01 you can use to install Youtube-dl on your Linux system. install using apt. To install Youtube-dl using apt, log in as root and run the following command. install using pip. Additionally, you can install the tool using the pip package manager. But first, let's install pip. Once pip is installed, install Youtube-dl by running. Output. To accomplish this run the command below. Next, assign execute permission to the file. update Youtube-dl. You can always update youtube-dl to the latest release by running. How to Use youtube-dl. Upon successful installation of Youtube-dl, You can now begin youtube download 01 downloading videos. To download a video from YouTube, the syntax will be. Checking available video formats. Youtube-dl supports a myriad of video formats, e.g Mp4, mkv, webm, FLV e.t.c. To list available video codes, use -F option. E.g. Downloading a Specific video format. After generating a youtube download 01 list of available video formats, you can proceed to download a specific format using -f format-number. E.g. Download Audio. You can also download audio using youtube-dl like below: This will extract audio from the video and save it to disk. Downloading a video playlist. Youtube-dl saves all videos on a playlist by default. Just copy playlist URL and pass it to youtube-dl command line tool. You can also start from a specified number. Force resume of partially downloaded files. To force resume of partially downloaded files without overriding completed, use -cwi options: Installing a Graphical User Interface for Youtube-dl. If you are not keen on operating from the terminal, you can install a GUI form of youtube-dl. Run the following commands. 2) YouTube-DL GUI. To download a video, paste the video's URL into the URL box. Click on the Add button next to it. After the video is added to the queue, You can add more to download videos in bulk or use the button on the youtube download 01 bottom right to begin the download. The video will save to whatever location is chosen in the Download Folder option in the Preferences tab. 3) Clipgrab. Clipgrab is yet another useful tool that helps you download videos from Youtube and other sites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion. With just a few clicks, you simply copy the Video Url and paste it in Clipgrab, as you define the resolution then finally hit Grab this Clip button. To install Clipgrab, use the official PPA by the Clipgrab team. Update the System. To launch Clipgrab run. 4) 4K video downloader. Just like Clipgrab, 4K Video Downloader only requires you to copy the video Url and paste it on the GUI interface. To install 4K Video Downloader, first head out to the download page and download the latest Debian file for Ubuntu. Once downloaded run. 5) XDM (Xtreme Download Manager) Xtreme Download manager is a powerful video downloader that lets you scale download speed by up to 500 %, thereby saving on time. You can save videos from a myriad of sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Daily motion to mention a few. In addition, you can resume dead/broken downloads, schedule as well as convert youtube download 01 downloads. This download tool easily integrates with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi. To download the tool head out to XDM's page and scroll down to the 'downloads' section. You should be able to see a section like the one shown below that allows you to download the required tarball based on your system's architecture. Once downloaded, extract the tarball. You will notice the existence of two files. To install XDM run. Output. To launch XDM on a terminal run. To download a video from YouTube, click on the download button as shown below. This will pop open a window where you will paste the link of the YouTube video you desire to download. Once done, click on 'Download '. The download will thereafter begin. Final thoughts. In this article, we have discussed a few tools you can use to download YouTube videos In Ubuntu on Terminal and using the Graphical User Interface . Give it a try and let us know your experience and advise if you know about

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any other tools. Télécharger YTD Video Downloader pour Windows. Clubic vous recommande. Navigateur Opera. Opera est le navigateur expert conçu aussi pour ceux qui ne le sont pas ! Plus rapide , grâce à son bloqueur de pub et offrant un VPN gratuit pour préserver votre vie privé , Opera est le navigateur qui monte. Quelque soit votre choix, cela n'affectera pas votre téléchargement. Clubic vous recommande Navigateur Opera. Le téléchargement de votre version d'essai à démarré ! Une fois reçu, n'oubliez pas de l'installer et profitez enfin du web, en mieux ! Pour trouvez vos fichiers accédez à menu "Téléchargements" de votre navigateur ou appuyez simultanément sur les touches "Ctrl" et "J" de votre clavier. Avis de la redaction. YTD Downloader, de quoi s'agit-il ? Disponible en version gratuite, YTD Downloader est un logiciel qui offre la possibilité de télécharger des vidéos à partir de nombreuses plateformes sur Internet. Il se distingue de la grande majorité des autres outils de téléchargement car il propose aussi la conversion des vidéos et un module de lecture intégré. Comment télécharger des vidéos ? Cet outil est simple d'utilisation et disponible en français. Il suffit de coller l'URL d'une vidéo à partir de nombreuses plateformes en ligne comme YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo et des dizaines d'autres sites. L'utilisateur peut ensuite définir la qualité de la vidéo jusqu'à 1080p et choisir le dossier de destination. Ses fonctionnalités supplémentaires : YTD Downloader se démarque également par son module de conversion vidéo qui permettra de pouvoir lire des vidéo sur iPhone, iPad, PSP, sur smartphones et vers les formats vidéo WMV, AVI ou au format audio MP3. Parmi les options, il est possible de paramétrer la qualité, la taille du fichier ou encore le début et la fin de la vidéo. De plus, le

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logiciel propose la lecture des vidéos téléchargées en plein écran et la gestion d'une liste de lecture. Notons aussi que YTD Downloader existe aussi en version Pro payante, permettant de convertir les vidéos automatiquement après leur téléchargement ou de coller plusieurs URL à la fois. YouTube Download Manager Pro 7.0.01. TRIAL. Download and listen to your music with YouTube Download Manager Pro. YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD MANAGER PRO, THE CONVINIENT TOOL FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO FILES DOWNLOAD. On Wednesday, December 10, 2014. YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD MANAGER PRO 7.0.01. A very large number of people in the world have turned to the internet to obtain their entertainment materials. It then becomes very necessary that convenient tools be built to aid the user obtain materials and data from the Net easily. YouTube is for example one of the most well known websites for video files. The YouTube Download Manager program is simply a download manager. It follows a very intuitive process whereby by just writing the URL address, the application is able to download the choosen video from YouTube. Its design is simple and quite easy to use without any complications. The turnaround time of any working download application is very important. This download manager tool works even ten times faster than any other program of the same category. On top of this it is built with other abilities like converting and downloading video files from FLV to AVI files, the later being the most preffered file format in other devices. The other ability is the option of shutting down the computer once the download process is complete. It is a simple and easy to use application It is a perfect tool used to download your video files. On the other hand it can encourage piracy of