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Best Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone. Liza Brown. Feb 05,2020• Proven solutions. When browsing YouTube videos with your Apple device, you might find something that you like. For a lot of people, the first move is to favorite it and check out the link later. What if, though, you want to watch the video at all times? Whether offline or when the video goes down, you may still want to enjoy it. If you just save the link, that will not help you in these situations. This is why you want to download the video to iPhone/iPad, so you need a video downloader for iPhone . You also can use an iPhone as a magnifying glass. Here is a sad news for you that Apple does not allow all YouTube video downloader applications to work on its platform just to stay safe from copyright abuse. But don't worry! We have a solution for you; it is possible to get videos downloaded on your iPhone video downloader by this step by step guide provided as below: If you want more editing features, you can try a video editing software called Wondershare Filmora which allows you to edit your iPhone/iPad videos on PC and Mac. You can rotate, reverse, crop, cut, add multiple filter/overlays even do some color correction. Wondershare Filmora can give your iPhone videos a Hollywood film looking with ease. After finish editing, you can also directly upload video to YouTube, and download video to iPhone. Best Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone (iPhone 7/8/X included): Note: Although, we have listed few applications in this article but still we cannot be much sure about these iOS video downloader all time availability because Apple App Store keeps on updating its terms on regular basis. You can download these apps for iPhone on App Store. Part 1: How to download videos in iPhone with downloader Apps. 1. Document 6: You may want to know how to downlaod iPhone/iPad video easily. Here Document 6, as a YouTube video dowonloader for iPhone, generally allows iphone 5 youtube downloader app users to view all kind of videos as well as other media files. This application is available for free and due to its simplest media organization tricks it is gaining more and more popularity throughout the world. If you want to download videos using Document 6 then you simply need to launch this video downloader on iOS 11 and then simply tap over the icon available on bottom left corner. Now iphone 5 youtube downloader app you need to type "savefromnet" on search bar and finally hit over "en.savefrom.net" in your search results. Now paste URL of your video on white box, select preferred quality and after renaming it you can save it to your device memory. 2. Video Downloader Pro+: This iPhone video downloader supports almost all popular video file formats and can work with all websites. It is also possible to stream video content directly from internet and users can also manage a playlist by downloading their favourite videos. The best thing to know about Video Downloader Pro+ is that it provides a free trial before you make purchase for this application. It allows users to sort their videos on the basis of type, duration, date and name like details. To get started with the download process, you need to browse the web and then choose your video; hit download button and it will soon be available on your device. 3. My Video Manager and File Transfer: My Video Manager application is widely used for downloading video for iPhone files from local network so that they can be later enjoyed via file manager. This video downloader for iPhone allows easy downloading facility via Wi-Fi connectivity over iPod and iPhone like devices so that crazy video lovers can easily watch their iphone 5 youtube downloader app favourite stuff anytime and anywhere. This application works with password protection so it is 100% safe to use as no one can access your private collection without your permission. It has special features like multiple file downloading ability, fast downloading and background video downloading. 4. Ultra Downloader Plus: You will be glad to know that this software platform not only provides services for downloading videos on iOS rather at the same time it also allows users to stream content directly to PS4, SmartTV and Xbox etc. You can protect all your favourite collections with password and it is also possible to create bookmarks on commonly used video downloading sites. Users can also pause or resume their video content whenever needed iphone 5 youtube downloader app and it will never cause any loss to your resolution. Note that to download videos from this website you need to have iTunes on your device with an active iTunes account. Part 2: How to donwload videos in iPhone with desktop Apps. Those who do not want to mess with link copy and paste tasks or find app switching one of the most annoying things to do are advised to use video converters. These software tools works fine on PC as well as Mac devices. You can download videos for iPhone or iPad easily with them and transfer video into your iPhone. Here are few details about top 3 video downloader software that you can access: 1. 4K Video Downloader: 4K video downloader assists users to get their favourite iPhone videos downloaded without suffering any quality loss. It supports almost all popular websites like Dailymotion, Hulu, Vevo, Vimeo and YouTube etc. The downloaded videos can be easily played on iPad, Computer and can also be transferred to DVDs. Users can adjust their desired video resolution at the time of download and it is also possible to watch them online with crystal clear content quality. Compatibility: Linux, Mac and Windows. 2. Gihosoft TubeSet: This free of cost and easy to use YouTube iPhone downloader software is widely used on Windows. Gihisoft TubeSet allows users to download videos from any popular video sharing website without losing content quality. The process of downloading videos is also iphone 5 youtube downloader app quite easy where users simply need to get their video URL pasted on a space provided over Gihosoft TubeSet platform, hit the download button and finally get your video saved to your device. Compatibility: Mac and Windows. 3. Freemake Video Downloader: Freemake Video Downloader works perfectly with all popular video file formats like FLV, 3GP, WebM and MP4 etc for iPhone video. Users can also get their videos downloaded as MP3 music files and the video links can be directly saved on various devices like Android phones, PSP, iPhone, WMV, MKV and AVI etc. It supports HD, Full HD and 4K content quality and takes very less time to complete the video download process for iPad. Compatibility: Windows only. Part 3: How to donwload videos in iPhone with online solution. If you don't want to download any apps on iPhone or desktop, we will also give you a solution online. We recommend using QDownloader as a video downloader for iPhone. It is easy to use with just copy and paste. More importantly, it is totally free to use and offer various export format and size while you download video to iPhone. Check this steps below to find out how to download videos. Step 1 : Click here to open QDownloader. You will find a link field where you can paste link from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Step 2 : Shortly, you will see a download page appear. You can download video or only audio without being charged. Just choose the video quality and format you like to download. Step 3 : Click Download to start saving it. It may take a while depending the size of the video. So easy and fast! Conclusion. Above are 8 best free iPhone/iPad video downloaders for you. If you have better advice about those iPhone video downloader apps, plese leave your comment. Thanks for your reading. Top 3 Free YouTube Downloaders for iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5/4S. "I tried MacTubes yesterday. It works smoothly and gets a YouTube video in a second." more >> How Can I Download YouTube Videos to My iPhone? Wanna download some funny movies from YouTube to your new iPhone for watching on subways? If so, you then might encounter format compatibility issue: YouTube videos are in FLV format, which is not compatible with iPhone. Worry no more because this article will discuss the top 3 free YouTube to iPhone downloader . Make sure you have made wide considerations before choosing the one which suits you the most. If you have other video convert tips, Video Converter Genius can be helpful. Best Free YouTube Downloader Software for iPhone Online. NO.1 Video Downloader Lite Super - Vdownload. This is a free YouTube downloader app for iPhone developed by Apple.

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It is able to download any YouTube videos you want to watch. The speed for downloading is fast (depending on how good your internet connection is and the length of video or movie. But there is one thing you should pay attention to. Some free apps limit how many videos you can download before you have to upgrade to the “pro” version. How to Use: It is very easy to free download YouTube video to iPhone with this app. You just go to the App Store, search for it and get it downloaded. Launch the app and type www.youtube.com in the address bar, search for a video and play it, you will see a pop-up with the option to Download the video, tap on Download and wait, then you can tap on Downloads to see the current download progress. No.2 MacTubes. MacTubes is a free YouTube video player and downloader. You can create playlists and download video files. The cool thing is that you can download videos from YouTube as FLV, MP4 or HD. While the size of HD video makes it a no-no for people with slow connection, the preferable format would be MP4 as iPhone, iPod, iTunes can play this format with no problems. But one of the obvious defects of this free YouTube to iPhone downloader is that it is only for Mac OS X. How to Use: Find a YouTube video you want to download through this program, then right click on the items on the list and choose Download from the pop-up menu. The download window is similar to Safari’s and will show a list of downloaded videos and their progress. NO.3 Tooble. It is the desktop YouTube to iPhone downloader software just like MacTube. Tooble allows you to search YouTube, select batches of content, and then download them all for viewing on your iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S and more. It is available for Windows and Mac. However, it can only download 3 videos at a time and the downloading speed can be quite slow. How to Use: Browse YouTube video within the main Tooble interface or search for videos via the search box, mark the video and click Download. Then the video will be downloaded to your hard drive and automatically imported to iTunes. Connect your iPhone to computer and sync the phone with iTunes. Most Popular Free Movies on YouTube. Interested? Feel free to use the YouTube to iPhone downloader recommended above to capture these movies and watch on your iPhone anywhere anytime! Wanna download more videos? You can go to another post: top 10 software and online programs to download any videos. YouTube Downloader App For iPhone – Download YouTube Videos Easily. Considering the Copyrights of videos on YouTube it is not really difficult to download videos from YouTube. In the meantime YouTube has blocked certain browser plugins, which made it easy to download videos. Even in the App Store

are no official YouTube downloader apps for your iPhone available. But there is a way to enable YouTube video downloads to your iPhone . Learn how to download videos from YouTube using Documents! Get “Documents“ For this trick you need the App Documents by Readdle , which is free of charge. Search for it in the App Store or click on the aforementioned link to download the app to your iPhone. Warning: Downloading videos from YouTube and distributing these may be illegal depending on the circumstances. So make sure to watch out for any copy right issues . Downloading videos for personal use with distribution should be fine. For more information check the YouTube Fair Use policies . Different laws may apply in different countries. Copy YouTube link to clipboard. The first step is to copy the YouTube link to your clipboard. If you are using the official YouTube app, you just need to tap the Share button and then “Copy link” . If you are using Safari, you can just copy the URL from the address field. Download YouTube video. Now open “Documents” on your iPhone. Tap the little browser icon (little compass) in the right bottom corner and you will be taken directly to the web page savefrom.net . Now enter the YouTube link you just copied into the input field above. To do so, tap into the input field and hold it down for a moment until the “Paste” option appears. Select this option to paste the YouTube link. Before you tap “Download” , you can choose the quality of the video. In the next window, you can change the file name. Click “Done” to start the download. Depending on the video size and your internet connection, it can take a while to fully download the video. If you want to monitor the progress, you can tap the download icon in the right bottom corner. Move YouTube video to Photos app. After the download is finished, go back to the main window of the app and choose the “Downloads” folder. There should be – as long as you have not changed the storage path before – the downloaded YouTube video. You can tap “Select” in the top right corner and mark the video by tapping it. Then, choose “Move” at the bottom. In the following screen, tap “Photos” to make the YouTube video disappear from the download folder and move it to the Photos app. Open the Photos app and either go to “Photos” (where you will find the YouTube video you just loaded at the very end) or open the “Recents” folder under “Albums” , where you will also find the video at the very end. You can now watch and share the downloaded YouTube video as normal. Tip: If you watch lots of videos on YouTube you might like this handy trick. Learn how to jump 10 seconds in a YouTube video with on tap .