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Download Video and Audio from YouTube. Tip: Insert " pp " after the word "youtube" in the link to download videos and mp3 files from YouTube as a faster way. If you can’t directly download video to your PC, please follow the guidelines below: Step1: Select the format you want and click "Download" button. Step2: In new window, press "CTRL + S" to save video OR right click to video, then select "Save as Video". Instructions. 1. Search by name or directly paste the link of video you want to convert. 2. Click "Start" button to begin converting process. 3. Select the video/audio format you want to download, then click "Download" button. Free Download T-Series HD 1080p Video Songs to MP4, 3GP. When you open this blog, I can tell you are also a fan of Hindi video songs. You must be very interested in T-Series music videos too. So, the question is, how to download full HD 1080p Hindi video songs for free? Well, take your time. I am going to explain how to free download T-Series HD 1080p video songs to MP4, MP3 in detail. But first, let's go though this T-Series hot songs list to keep pace with the trend. Play this Hindi Bollywood Songs Video While Reading this Post. ↓ Part 1. T-Series Hot Songs List. 1. Nikle Currant. Singer: Jassi Gill & Neha Kakkar Published on Oct 11, 2018. 2. Downtown. Singer: Guru Randhawa Published on Oct 15, 2018. 3. JATT DA MUQABALA. Singer: Sidhu Moose Wala Published on Oct 17, 2018. 4. Tere Mere. Singer: Neeti Mohan Published on Oct 16, 2018. 5. SAJAN BADE SENTI. Singer: Dev Negi & Harjot Kaur Published on Oct 10, 2018. 6. CHALE AANA. Singer: Armaan Malik Published on: May 1, 2019. 7. Aankh Marey. Singer: Neha Kakkar, Mika Singh And Kumar Sanu Published on: December 5, 2018. 8. Shankara Re Shankara. Singers: Mehul Vyas Published on: December 2, 2019. 9. Meri Baari. Singer: Bhushan Kumar Published on: December 20, 2019. 10. Ek Toh Kum Zindagani. Singers: Neha Kakkar & Yash Narvekar Published on: October 9, 2019. [TIPS] Download All T-Series Videos in HD 1080p on PC. Furthermore, VideoHunter is an efficient tool, which supports batch download and 2X faster speed. This greatly improved the user experience, allowing users to download online videos in a faster speed. So now, let me show you how to download T-series videos in 1080p. STEP 1. Copy T-series Video URL Just like using any online video downloader, the first step is also to copy the URL of the T-series video. So please go to T-series YouTube channel and copy it right away. STEP 2. Paste the URL to VideoHunter Please launch VideoHunter on PC. As you find the downloading bar set in this brilliant video downloader, paste the URL of the T-series video to the bar and click on the Analyze button to convert the video. Part 2. What is VidPaw Online Video Downloader? Language Versions: English, Italiano, Português, Français, DeutschEspañol, русский, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體. Features: Provide free service to download online video/music. Advantages: √ No registration required √ No software installation necessary √ Over 1,000 online video sharing sites supported √ High-speed downloading √ Wide range of "How to" tutorials. Supported Formats and Quality: Video Formats Audio Formats WEBM 3GP MP4 MP3, M4A WEBM Video Quality Audio Quality 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps. Part 3. How to Free Download T-Series HD 1080p Video Songs to MP4, MP3, 3GP. Solution 1. Get HD T-Series Video Songs in MP4 to PC. STEP 1. Copy the T-Series video song URL from the address bar on the top of your browser. STEP 2. Open VidPaw Online Video Downloader and paste the URL into VidPaw's blank bar. STEP 3. Click "Start" and then VidPaw will analyze the URL to generate a choice list of video quality and format. STEP 4. Click "Download" after you select your desired video format and quality. Solution 2. Easy Trick to Download 720p Video Songs from T-Series YouTube. VidPaw also offers a quick trick to download T-Series video songs from YouTube Channel, but should you notice that this trick is only available to YouTube videos . STEP 1. Simply add "paw" behind "youtube" on the address. STEP 2. Press "Enter" to activate VidPaw YouTube Video Converter and download your T-Series video song in MP4, 3GP MP3, M4A or WEBM format. The best music downloading websites. for Hi-Res Audio. While streaming sites such as Pandora might be convenient for an on-the-go music experience, where do you turn when you want to hear music as the artist intended? Listening to live music is one way to do that, but unfortunately we can’t put all of our favorite artists in our pocket for mini-serenading sessions. That’s where Hi-Res Audio comes into play. Hi-res audio blows MP3s and AAC files out of the water. Essential data is lost when

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you listen to music via MP3 files because of the lossy compression that makes these files smaller. High-Resolution Audio can replicate the whole range of sound that the artist created when recording the content. Sony understands the importance of preserving the originality of music, which is why we’ve developed Hi-Res Audio products that allow audiophiles (like you) to listen to music in the best sound quality. So where can you find Hi-Res Audio songs that the audiophile in you craves? Take a look at our Top 5 picks for Hi-Res Audio downloading websites to below. 1. Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez. About: If you’re looking for the finest selection of DSD music files, look no further than the Super HiRez site. This site brings 25 years of experience to the table and offers one of the largest selections of songs available in high resolution. Available file formats: DSD, FLAC and ALAC. Music Genres: Blues, Pop/Rock, Classical, Female Vocalists, Folk, Jazz, and more. 2. HDtracks. About: HDtracks, launched in 2008, offers the largest variety of available hi res titles for download along with a wide choice of file formats, with sample rates as high as 352/24-bit. The HDtracks team shares its philosophy that everyone involved in the creation process should be acknowledged and they encourage all of their customers to learn more about the production process. Quality control is key as they test every album file. Learn more about their quality control process. Available file formats: AIFF, ALAC, WAV, FLAC (and DSD coming soon). Music Genres: Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, Fusion, and many more. 3. ProStudio Masters. About: ProStudio Masters doesn’t mess

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around with media transfers, offering only high-resolution digital masters that are directly received from labels. It includes a top sellers section so that you can find music that others have deemed worthy enough to add to their collection. It also offers a section that features recently added music, so you can always be on the brink of discovering the latest hi-res music. Available file formats: AIFF, ALAC and DSD. Music Genres: Alternative, Blues, Classical, Country, Francophone, Holiday, Jazz, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Soundtracks and World. 4. iTrax. About: iTrax offers high definition audio and video downloads with surround sound (no, this isn’t just for movies anymore). Whether you’ve invested in high quality audio equipment like high-res headphones, home theater systems or a hi-res music player system, you want the songs and other audio you play to sound as awesome as the artist originally intended. iTrax is an excellent place to build your music library because it only offers songs that are recorded using high definition digital production. Available file formats: Music Genres: Acoustic/Guitar, Blues, Acoustic/Instrumental, Rock/Pop, Jazz, Classical, Country/Folk, Electric/Instrumental, World, Crossover, R&B and Christmas. 5. Native DSD Music and Beyond. About: The “native” in the title of this site is a testament to how seriously Native DSD Music and Beyond takes hi-res audio. It only offers downloads that were sourced as early as possible in a DSD session recording. DSD sessions lend themselves to acoustic music because they contain a low amount of instrument detail which can translate to sound quality degradation. Available file formats: Music Genres: Big Band, Classical, Classical Compilation, Classical Crossover, Gospel, Independent Acoustic, Jazz, Jazz Compilation, and more.