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FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE. The #1 resource for free music and royalty free music. Support creators, reward creativity. SEARCH FMA (CC & PD Music) Safe, Royalty Free Music. FMA Musician? TIMELINE. Global Music Community Tribe of Noise Acquired Free Music Archive. Our journey so far: Sept 12, 2019. Tribe of Noise (ToN) signed the agreement to acquire Free Music Archive. The upcoming weeks will be busy transferring ownership. Phase 1 (Finished Dec 1, 2019) Based on the first reports and user feedback we decided to pause the FMA databases and start publishing static HTML pages. Visitors are able to browse, listen and download music for free. All standard database features e.g. search, login, edit, add, delete are disabled until further notice. Phase 2 - Key functionalities. Dec 30, 2019 FMA SEARCH (also on mobile) is back!! Q1, 2020 Follow our updates on Twitter to learn more. Free MP3/Music Download Blogs. In this blog we provide articles on Free MP3 Downloads Sites or Free Music Download Sites. Top 20 Free MP3/Music Download Sites. We have been getting requests on people asking us to free music download blogs provided some the best Free MP3 Download Sites for downloading free mp3. So below we have given some of the best Free MP3 download Sites. 1. MP3Raid. MP3Raid is one of the most powerful MP3 Search engine. I am sure, you had visit this site several times to get your music download. The site is having very huge collection of songs. Finding the top international songs is never a simple task. This site provides you very comfortable navigation system to get your free music download blogs song downloaded. Jamendo is having huge collection of international hits. The songs available here are free and 100% legal. For every song in their database, the site provides full details like Artist, Album, Tracks and other related news. With easy interface, it becomes very easy to search and find free music download blogs exact song in their 400,00+ songs list. The site provides a very powerful option of stream & download to download the full album at once. 3. MP3 Fusion. If you are in a hurry and wants to listen and download Top hits of the day then this website can do best for you. MP3 Fusion provides you very fast access to songs, whether you wants to listen them or download to your PC or laptop. The site is having a separate search engine that is especially available to find lyrics of your favoriate song. However, this advance search bar also lets you to search your favoriate free music download blogs song also. 4. MP3Base. is another great website to listen top songs from famous artists online. You can search songs by genres, artists or by top albums. Just choose any artist, song or album, you’ll be able to get more details about the songs, listen them online and download either specific song or the entire album of the artist. Searching is made even more easier by providing alphanumeric navigation (from A to Z and 0-9) at top navigation bar and search-box. 5. BeeMP3. BeeMP3 is a descent yellow themed website which can give you all the songs that your wants to download. The site’s advance search box lets you search songs by album, artist or just exploring their huge database to get more choices. While listing, the site provides you all the prominent details that you wants. You can also send any of your free music download blogs favoriate song to cellphone and set it as ringtone. Free MP3 Downloads Sites. 6. YourMP3. YourMP3 is a powerful website to search and download songs, albums and ringtones for free. You can view recently added songs, music charts, MP3 Archives, Ringtones etc. If you are enough talented in singing song and wants to be popular then you can also put your songs requests here. Once approved, songs will be available at the site and you can manage them from your webmaster portal at website. 7. Songs Lover. Songs Lover is an incredible website to get top hits of any country, continent all over the world. A place where you can get western, sub-content’s top hits, latest released and details and also latest news regarding songs, artists and albums. Songs Lover is also offering songs videos to download and if you are much anixious, you can check details about upcoming songs and their upload date. A one of the most popular website for Hollywood songs

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lover. The site’s database is daily updated and even more frequently. From the left navigation, you can browse Top 20 songs of Argentina, Switzerland, Europe, Finland and many other countries and continent. You can also check To download and recently uploaded songs which are featured at the middle part of the website’s front page. The site also provides MP3 Player to download and listen songs. 9. How can we forget this wonderful website! It is the largest website with having very huge database of song collection. However, the site is a bit slow but that is nothing regarding the song’s quality and your freedom. You can search songs, lyrics, music videos from their search bar or can search your songs alphabetically. How much old, how much new is the song, movie, no matters. You will find the song there, especially for Indian songs. 10. Kohit. Kohit is a new website for me, what I found while researching for this article on internet. The structure, huge database collection of this website impressed me. Kohit is having a total of 419,946 indexed songs and lyrics. You can explore the MP3 Chart from left side which is having Top 20 hits of popular countries and continent. Search a song on the search-box, you can play the song on their website, download them or can add them to playlist. The site also lets you to embed the songs. As broken links are very common issues with

these type of sites so, you can read Last checked result to confirm if the link will be broken. Free music download blogs. Fresh instrumental commercial free music download blogs music for Youtube and adverts! Listen, try, purchase licenses! Good Luck with your projects! Cool hi-quality background music made specially for Youtube videos, presentations, promo projects! Just listen! GET A LICENSE ENJOY AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT! ★ Need «No Copyright Music» For Monetizing Your Videos?: Become my patron and get access to all of my “No Copyright Music” tracks: Become a Patron! Here we are: great music bundles (3 tracks in each) – for your next promo projects or Youtube videos! ★ Need «No Copyright Music» For Monetizing Your Videos?: Become my patron and get access to all of my “No Copyright Music” tracks: Become a Patron! Several great background music tracks for action-oriented media projects. Listen, download demos and purchase licenses if you need. ENJOY! AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECTS! ★ Need «No Copyright Music» For Monetizing Your Videos?: Become my patron and get access to all of my “No Copyright Music” tracks: Become a Patron! Every time people launch new commercial video or vlog they need cool music background to add some spice to it. I’ve got hundreds of such instrumental music beds! Few examples below: ★ Need «No Copyright Music» For Monetizing Your Videos?: Become my patron and get access to all of my “No Copyright Music” tracks: Become a Patron!