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How to download YouTube videos to watch offline. If you want to stack a load of YouTube videos from your favourite creators to watch when offline, you’ll need to download them to your device – be it smartphone, PC, Mac or whatever. So here’s our handy guide on how to download YouTube videos. Streaming videos on YouTube is a highly enjoyable way to pass a boring commute or afternoon at work, but you’ll need a dependable internet connection to get involved. However, you may wish to catch up with your favourite channels on your laptop when there’s nary a reliable WiFi network in sight. Or alternatively, you might be running low on mobile data, and not have the allowance to spare on the latest Epic Fail videos. Either way, don’t stress. It’s perfectly possible to download YouTube videos to your computer or smartphone, so you can enjoy them without the need for an online connection. How do I download YouTube videos to my phone? The official way to grab videos to enjoy offline is with a YouTube Premium subscription. If you throw a bit of cash Google’s way for a Premium account, you’ll notice a download option is unlocked inside of the YouTube mobile app. Just open up a video and tap the download button, and you’ll be asked what quality you want. Select an option and your file will be pulled onto your smartphone’s storage, ready to enjoy when you’re offline. You’ll find your content stashed away inside of the Library folder. At the time of writing, a YouTube Premium subscription will cost you $12 or £12 a month. Alternatively you can also sign up for a family account, which upgrades six separate accounts to Premium for £18 a month. Can I download YouTube videos to my phone without a Premium subscription? That download feature in the YouTube download youtube without wifi app is only unlocked for Premium users, so any freeloaders can’t get involved. And while some third party apps can perform the same function, these are shady territory as they’re in direct conflict with YouTube’s terms of service. If you’re download youtube without wifi happy with that situation, Android users can check out TubeNinja. This website allows you to copy the video link into a text box and will then download the content for you, hassle-free. You can even simply add the letters ‘dl’ directly into the web address before (i.e.… ) and you’ll automatically be taken to TubeNinja to grab what you need. Note that you may get a ‘popup blocked’ message when you first hit download. Just tap the ‘allow’ button and your video will be pulled down. If you have an iPhone, check out an app called Documents by Readdle. This is available on the App Store. Once you’ve installed Documents, just click the web browser icon (which looks like a compass) download youtube without wifi in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Enter “” in the address bar of the web browser, and then copy your chosen YouTube video link into the box that pops up. Select the quality you desire and hit download to grab that vid. Your content will appear in the Documents folder inside of the app. How do I download YouTube videos to my laptop? One of the easiest ways to download a YouTube video is by using a piece of PC/Mac software called 4K Video Downloader . It’s free and very straightforward – just copy in the link of the video you wish to download and it’ll be stored on your computer, to enjoy offline. The app can even automatically download content from any channels you subscribe to. Alternatively, if you don’t want to install any software, you can once again rely on TubeNinja. Just copy and paste the video link, or that web address trick will do the job as well. Youtube Without Internet for Free! Introduction: Youtube Without Internet for Free! Have you ever been on the go, but you don't have internet to watch videos on youtube? Well now with cydia at hand, you can watch youtube without wi-fi! This download youtube without wifi will work on all iOS 3.x - 5.x devices. This will be one simple install that will take up 641.2 kb of space. I will also teach you how to use the app. We will go step-by-step with detailed instructions and pictures to show you visually what to do. I was inspired to make this because. - I always wanted to watch youtube on the go, but I never had internet. - I now have a way to entertain myself on long trips. - I can watch movies and listen to songs without Internet for free off youtube. You should download this because. - Long trips will seem faster when your entertained. - Save money by not buying movies or songs because you can now watch them off youtube. - Save money on the cost of 3g or 4g internet. Teacher Notes. Teachers! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Step 1: Materials. For this download you will need one thing. Materials: -Jailbroken idevice. (iOS 3.x - 5.x) Step 2: First Download. The first thing you will want to do is go into cydia and search MxTube. Pick the option from BigBoss (Multimedia). This will take up 642.1 kb of space for the download. This download only takes a couple seconds to be completed. It may take longer to download depending on your wi-fi connection. You will not have to restart your idevice for this process. Step 3: Usage. Now go into your MxTube app. In the upper right hand corner you will see a search option. Click on that. At the top enter in a video you would like to view. (Make sure that your wifi is on.) download youtube without wifi Choose the video you please and download it in you definition of choice. You will see it download once you go back to the main window in the app. Once the download is finished, you can disable your internet connection and watch your downloaded video. * YOU CAN CHOOSE MULTIPLE VIDEOS THAT ARE ALREADY DOWNLOADED. YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD VIDEOS WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION! *The last picture here is not using internet. If you look in the upper left hand corner there isn't three dots in the form of a triangle shown like previous pictures. This means wi-fi is off! Step 4: Pace Yourself. Some videos depending on their length can take a while to download. Please be patient and do not get frustrated. Some videos can take 30 seconds to download and others can take up to 2 minutes. The wait will pay off in the long run! *The picture you see here was 11 minutes long and it took about 2 minutes to download. Step 5: Enjoy! I hope you enjoy watching your videos and listening to your music on the go FOR FREE ! How to Watch YouTube without WiFi or Cellular Data. If you constantly travel to places with low internet connection, you may want to watch YouTube without WiFi. Read on to learn to download YouTube videos to your PC or iPhone. Updated May 11,2018 | by Cody. Let’s say that you love to watch YouTube videos to kill some time or learn new stuff, but you usually find yourself in the places where WiFi are unavailable or unstable.

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In that case, you desperately need to watch YouTube without WiFi . As the Largest video site, YouTube also realizes that most of the users have such needs, so they introduced Offline feature with some limitations in 2014. Besides using Offline feature, this article will also show you how to watch any YouTube video without internet. Use YouTube Offline Feature - Only Aavailable for 48 Hours. YouTube offline feature lets you save videos offline when you have WiFi, so you can watch the videos you saved when low or no internet available. You can follow the steps below to get it done. Step 1. Within the YouTube app, go to the video that you want to save while you are connected to WiFI. Step 2. Click or tap on the Offline button below the video. Step 3. Select the video quality and tap OK. Then you can watch the videos without WiFi or cellular data. However, you can only watch YouTube without WiFi or cellular data within 48 hours . Beyond this short period of time, the videos you saved for offline viewing will get deleted automatically without notifying you. In some cases, you will be prompted with the message "will not be available for offlining, due to rights issues” when you click the Offline button. What’s worse, you may not even find the Offline button on some videos. Download YouTube Video for Free - Lower Speed. If you are not satisfied with YouTube Offline feature, there is a better option to download YouTube video for airplane or other places with no WiFi. You can follow the steps below to download any YouTube video in order to watch it without WiFi. Step 1. Load YouTube video that you want to watch offline and copy the URL from the address bar. Step 2. Go to this free YouTube Video Downloader site, which helps you download YouTube Videos with a specific quality. Step 3. Paste the URL copied in the blank box and click the button Download to PC. Step 4. Select the video quality and file type and Click the Download link to start downloading YouTube video. You can use this method to download any videos on YouTube. You do not need to worry about the offline videos get expired or the download youtube without wifi video uploader deletes them. Since the downloaded YouTube videos are saved on your computer hard drive, you can watch it at any time without internet connection. The online YouTube video downloader usually download videos in

a comparatively low speed, taking more time to analyse and download. Download Any YouTube Videos via YouTube Downloader - Fast & Reliable. After testing so many methods, an easy-to-use YouTube video downloader finally stands out. IOTransfer is a simple tool to download any YouTube videos to PC with a fast speed. What's more, it can automatically transfer the downloaded videos to your iOS devices. In this way, the YouTube videos will be saved permanently for offline watching anytime. Let’s see how it works: Step 1. Free download and install IOTransfer on a computer running Windows 10/8/7. Connect your iOS devices to this PC via USB cables, if you need to transfer videos to your iPhone or iPad. Step 2. Copy the URL of YouTube video that you want to save. Step 3. Under the VIDEO tab, paste the URL there and select the option “ Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device ”. Step 4. Click Download to start downloading YouTube videos to your iOS device. When it is done, you can open the TV app on your iPhone to watch YouTube without WiFi or cellular data. Except for videos, you can also use IOTransfer to transfer music, contacts, photos, and podcasts between iPhone and PC. Download YouTube Video on Mobile Device. If you are using an Android device, you can simply use the second method to download YouTube videos easily. If you are using iOS, it is also easy and you can do it right on your iPhone with Siri Shortcuts.You Let me show you how it works. Step 1. Free download the Shortcuts app from Appstore if you haven’t. Then get this shortcut Ultimate YouTube Downloader . Step 2. Copy the YouTube video link and run this shortcut. You can also go to YouTube app and tap on the Share icon and run this shortcut from the Share Sheet. Step 3. Then you will be prompted to choose Video or Audio Only. If you choose audio, the audio will be save to Files app. If you want to download video, you can also select the video quality. Step 4. Select a location to save the video or audio. You can save video to Camera Roll or Files app. Actually, you can use this shortcut to download videos from YouTube without inputting YouTube link. When you simply run this shortcut from Shortcuts app, it will ask you to type a keyword and then this shortcut will bring you 5 top search results for you to choose.