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Mixer. Search results. Setup: Part 3. Past Streams (VoDs) A past stream (or Video on Demand aka VoD) is a recording of a previous stream that is automatically saved on Mixer if you had previously enabled this option. If this option was not turned on before booting up your stream, a past stream will not be saved. Past Stream Viewing: Anyone can view your past streams from your channel page (as soon as your stream ends and the stream finishes processing). Past Stream Management: You can download , delete , or check the processing status of your past streams from your Past Streams management page . Past Stream FAQ: How do I enable Past Stream? To enable past streams, login to > Click your avatar in the top right > Click on " Broadcast Dashboard ". Scroll down until you see " Keep recordings of my streams " > toggle download past mixer streams the switch on. Scroll down and hit "save". You're all set! Please note that if you enabled this mid stream, the current stream will not be saved. Why can't I watch my Past Stream? Past stream recording must be enabled with the " Keep recordings of my streams " option on your Broadcast Dashboard before your stream starts in order for the stream to be saved (past stream recording is disabled by default). Past streams with a download past mixer streams blue thumbnail indicate that they are still processing (and will become available as soon as processing is done). Streams shorter than 5 minutes are not saved. Streams longer than 48 hours will not save. If you're approaching this time and want your download past mixer streams stream to save, please stop the stream and restart it. How long do past streams stay on the site? Past streams are retained for 14 days for Regular and Pro users, and 90 days for Partners. Some channels (such as official esports and event channels) have a longer retention limit due to business reasons. If your stream didn’t save, or can't be viewed after it's finished processing, download past mixer streams please contact us and we’ll help you out. How to Download Mixer Past Streams/VODs with Free 2 Mixer Downloaders. Mixer is the alternative interactive streaming service to the popular Twitch. Likewise, for your favorite streamers, you can check their previous streams. Sometimes it's definitely a good idea to download the Mixer videos for offline playback in order to be able to view the game walkthrough and learn skills anytime and anywhere. To do so, next, I’ll introduce 2 free Mixer downloaders . Microsoft's Mixer is a maturing video game live streaming platform that competes with the renowned Twitch. It's amazing how fast it's going that a lot of Twitch streamers have made their jumps to to Mixer. Similar to Twitch, Mixer also allows broadcasters to upload past streams or highlight clips for videos archiving or those fans who have missed the live streaming. As a matter of fact, thanks to the gameplay walkthroughs, I came to the happy ending of Resident Evil 7. download past mixer streams However, it is noteworthy that these past streams are usually retained for 14 or 90 days. In order not to miss valuable content, it's much wiser to save the VODs to local drive. Since Mixer does not officially provide a download option, two free third-party tools are provided below to download Mixer streams. Cost-free Mixer Video Downloader. Want to download some game walkthroughs, e-sports replays and highlights from Mixer? WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory should be a better choice. As its name implies, it’s a totally free video/audio converter but can also be used as a Mixer VOD downloader for saving your desired streams without a hitch. In addition, it works for downloading video/music from 300+ UGC websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc. 1. Free Desktop Mixer Downloader – Free HD Video Converter Factory Pro. In addition to the main conversion feature, the capacity of online video download plays an important role in

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WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. It supports 300+ video/music hosting websites and allows you to download videos from YouTube , Facebook, Twitter and save tracks from Soundcloud , Bandcamp, ReverbNation and so forth. Moreover, some practical editing features that come with the program are also the commendable highlights. Without further ado, I’ll show you how you how this Mixer video downloader works. How to Save Streams on Mixer. Archive broadcasts to watch or share later. Getty Images/ JJ Farquitectos. Streaming with Mixer is an easy affair, especially if you're broadcasting from a Windows 10 PC. Of course once you've finished streaming you may want to show off your sick moves in Overwatch, share your world conquest in Civilization, or just see if you make weird faces when talking to followers. That's where saving your streams comes in handy. How to Save Mixer Streams for Later. Saving your Mixer stream is download past mixer streams a pretty simple affair. That's because the option to save your stream is located right inside of your settings. Once you have enabled saving of previous streams, Mixer does all the heavy lifting for you and saves your streams for 14 days. Open Mixer . Click on the User icon in the upper right corner of your screen. Depending on your screen resolution you may need to scroll or maximize your window

to see all of Mixer. Select Broadcast Dashboard from the dropdown menu. The Broadcast Dashboard is where all of the Mixer settings for adjusting your stream are located. Under preferences select the toggle for Keep recordings of my streams . You can turn your recording of past streams on or off at any time, so long as you are not currently broadcasting. Scroll down and select Save . More Details About Saving Mixer Streams. While Mixer does save your past streams, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. Unless you are a partner, your streams are only saved for 14 days. Partners are lucky enough to have streams saved for 90 days, and some esport channels may be able to keep their streams for longer thanks to business concerns. Mixer saves all streams that are over 5 minutes, and under 48 hours. A stream is ready for viewing once you are off the air as soon as it finishes processing. This is an automatic process on Mixer's end, and you'll see a blue thumbnail to show it isn't quite finished yet. The great thing about the way that Mixer saves your streams for you is that new viewers can see all of your available streams right from your page. You can even check them out, or tweak things from your Past Stream management page.