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Download excel. To meet the preferences of the many researchers you use the Fragile States Index, we are pleased to provide the data in Microsoft Excel format. Select a year below to download the relevant excel file. #FSI2020 is well underway — the FFP team is reviewing the final #fragilestatesindex scores for the 16th edition at our Washington HQ. Applications for the FFP Summer #Internship are now open! The #VoluntaryPrinciples Training Course is available online.The material offers a baseline education on #HumanRights issues and its application to security operations. Read more: #VPSHR #SecurityHumanRights. [email protected] 's view of Uzbekistan as most improved nation in 2019 matches the #FragileStatesIndex assessment -- the #FSI2019 rated #Uzbekistan as the third-most improved country for the year. North Macedonia, Sudan and New Zealand gave us reasons to be cheerful in 2019. Surprisingly, so did Uzbekistan For the first time, the #FragileStatesIndex Team has put together an “early warning” list of countries that we believe will be the ‘big movers’ for #FSI2020. FFP is hiring! We're looking for a part-time Operations Associate to join our D.C. headquarters team. “Listen to understand instead of download excel listening to be understood,” @jjmessner. Brilliant panel on meaningful stakeholder engagement led by @AngelaUMiller about importance of building trust, communicating proactively and focusing on quality over quantity. #SW2019. Meeting with community leaders and small scale miners from Sefwi Nkatieso, Western download excel North Region, Ghana to talk about promoting peace, sustainability and reducing use of #mercury in #ASGM. Talking #mercury reduction in the small scale gold sector in Tarkwa for our #RECLAIMS #ASGM #Ghana 🇬🇭 program supported by @StateDept with @UMaT_edu_GH @WANEP_Ghana. “Peace-o, Yes-o!” Training on conflict early warning and response with members from across the Niger Delta @P4P_NigerDelta @PINDFoundation. Download excel. Advanced Risk Analysis for Microsoft Excel. Palisade software really makes it a lot easier to handle large, complex systems in data analysis. Program Manager, download excel Lockheed Martin. @RISK gives us the power to perform Monte Carlo methods in a single cell in Excel. This saves us time and simplifies the spreadsheets we work in. Actuarial Analyst, Deloitte. We love it because it incorporates distribution fitting and gives us the flexibility to evaluate alternative distributions on screen. We’ve trained well over a thousand people throughout the company on @RISK, and rely on it for our entire range of investment decisions. Former Associate Director for Investment Analytics, Procter & Gamble. Please Select Your Industry. @RISK for Risk Analysis. From the financial to the scientific, anyone who faces uncertainty in their quantitative analyses can benefit from @RISK. @RISK helps download excel both Fortune 100 companies and private consultancies paint a realistic picture of possible scenarios. This allows businesses to not only buffer risks, but also identify and exploit opportunities for growth.. Palisade software really makes it a lot easier to handle large, complex systems in data analysis. Program Manager, Lockheed Martin. Overview. @RISK (pronounced “at risk”) is an add-in to Microsoft Excel that lets you analyze risk using Monte Carlo simulation. @RISK shows you virtually all possible outcomes for any situation—and tells you how likely they are to occur. This means you can judge which risks to take on and which ones to avoid—critical insight in today’s uncertain world. Works With Excel & Project Models Avoid Pitfalls and Uncover Opportunities Plan Better Strategies Identify Factors Causing Risk Communicate Risk To Others. How @RISK Is Used. @RISK enables endless applications, including these in : Customer Success Stories. Learn how @RISK has helped decision makers to improve risk and decision analysis efforts. Product Resources. Explore examples and tutorials on how to make @RISK work best for you. Features To Meet Your Needs. Monte Carlo Simulation. By sampling different possible inputs, @RISK calculates thousands of possible future outcomes, and the chances they will occur. This helps you avoid likely hazards—and uncover hidden opportunities. 100% Excel Integration. @RISK integrates seamlessly with Excel’s function set and ribbon, letting you work in a familiar environment with with results you can trust. Sensitivity Analysis. @RISK identifies and ranks the most important factors driving your risks, so you can plan strategies—and resources—accordingly. Graphs and Reports. @RISK offers a wide variety of customizable, exportable graphing and reporting options that let you communicate risk to all stakeholders. Extensive Modeling Features. With a broad library of probability distributions, data fitting tools, and correlation modeling, @RISK lets you represent any scenario in any industry with the highest level of accuracy. Add Decision & Data Analysis with The DecisionTools Suite. Add Decision & Data Analysis with The DecisionTools Suite. The DecisionTools Suite. The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, and RISKOptimizer. Additional Benefits. Subscription. Free upgrades when new software versions are released Full access to Technical Support. Support. Technical Support is available to help with installation, operational problems, or errors. Included with subscription Phone, web, or email. Customizable. Leverage the power of @RISK in your own custom application with Palisade Custom Development. Engage Palisade to design your solution Standardize your analyses and reduce learning curves. Next

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Steps. Maintenance. Palisade maintenance plans are designed to cover you when new software versions are released, or if you require help operating the software or resolving errors. Software updates are often released to keep current with changes in Windows, or in Excel or other host applications. Updates may also include bug fixes or minor product enhancements. Major version upgrades are released when new significant new features and/or interface changes are made to the software. Major version upgrades may also include updates to host application compatibility. Technical support is also included with Palisade maintenance. Whether through self-support using our Knowledgebase, via e-mail, or on the phone, Palisade is here to help with installation, operational problems, or error messages. Benefits of Palisade Maintenance Plans. Free technical support via hotline or email. Technical Support hours are Monday – Friday, 4:00am – 5:00pm (New York time zone). Technical support is available for software installation, resolving software errors, assisting with software operation, and limited model de-bugging. Technical support is not designed for building spreadsheet models from scratch, extensive model de-bugging, or software training. These services may be obtained from our Training and Consulting department. Free full version upgrades. Unlimited number of incidents for 12 months. Unlimited, 24-hour access to Palisade’s online technical support KnowledgeBase—the same source used by Palisade technical support staff. A quick check of the KnowledgeBase often solves the problem in just a few minutes. Guaranteed 24 hour or next business day technical support response time. Free software maintenance updates & patches, including bug fixes & Windows/Office compatibility updates. Access to the Palisade online HelpDesk 24 hours per day,

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so you can submit new incidents and check the status of open problems. Easy to Order. A full year of maintenance is included when you purchase your software. Shortly before your maintenance plan expires, renewal notices are sent via e-mail. If you choose not to renew your maintenance plan, none of the above benefits will be available to you. Lapsed maintenance plans may only be renewed at higher prices and with reinstatement fees. To order or renew your maintenance plan, contact: Download excel. Click Here to Start Download 32 bit and 64 bit, Easy To Install. File Size: 35.90 MB. 64.30 MB Support Office (32/64): Office 365 and Excel / Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. Support System (32/64): Windows 7-10, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003-2019, Citrix System / Windows Terminal Server. It's not compatible with MAC! We guarantee that our software is virus-free, trojan-free, does not obtain user data and does not upload user information. If you have encountered a warning from the Antivirus software, we recommend you to analyze the software installation package with the VIRUSTOTAL. If you are using Windows XP system, please go to download and install the software from HERE. Read More Download Purchase Tutorials Forum support What's New. End Users License Agreement How To Install And Uninstall Get Free License By Helping Translate The Software How to Deploy The software In Your Company With the MSI Package? Subscribe newsletter to stay up-to-date with us please. The newsletter provides information about the latest software updates and software coupon codes from us. We WON'T spam you with unwanted emails or share your information with any other companies.