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Episodes. 001: Soundless Walk the Fallow Men. It begins. The bells have been ringing for hours now and the glass is filled with milk. You know they are on their way. You know only one thing will placate them and it’s up to you, you alone… and yet… Soundless, the Fallow Men are coming. As Down Below the Reservoir… something stirs… 002: When Love’s Left Out For Us To Find. The music begins. And you don’t know how you’ve got here, why you’re wearing these clothes. But you’re here and you have to do it. You have to. Worse things than the Crowd are watching. As Down Below the Reservoir… something stirs… 003: The Thing in the download down below Clearing Tastes Like Toast (and makes us feel like proper boys) The feeling returns. And you know you’ll leave your bedroom. You know come snow or sleet you’ll climb the Black Hill. You’ll enter the clearing again. Just a taste. Just a little taste What harm would that do? 004: I Got To Be The Confidence. The feeling grows. And oh baby, the world is your oyster and you’ve got the knife– download down below the oyster knife, baby! WOO! You’re gonna show this town– you’re gonna show everyone! ‘Cos you know what that is? That’s THE CONFIDENCE! And no-one download down below is gonna look down on you EVER again! 005: One Tadpole Silver. It grows. Because this Town, there is no place for you in this Town. Laughing at you. Mocking you. The other girls. Your brothers. But you’ve find your way out. You’ll leave this Town. Together. 006: On Tuesdays We Wear Sexy Hats. The music grows. And it’s cold and so exposed… But it’s safe with him, you feel so safe. So sexy. Because he has strength you’ll never have. For him. You’ll do it all for him. 007: They’ve download down below Come To Paint The Doors Again. You’re there again. Another day, another door. The people in Town, they need to know– What happened in the night? You have a job to do. And you do it. 008: High Five, Danny O’C! He’s mad again. And you try to calm him, but he won’t listen. He’s your best friend. The best you could ever have imagined. And he says the two of you will show this Town. And you say “Yes.” Softly, you say “Yes.” 009: Leverets Through The Hole In The Hedge. Everything ends. But maybe a little something gets to go on. You have your bread, your butter. Your buckled shoes. Go on. Pay them a visit. 010: That Night You Showed Me Ambaglass. All things begin. And you can feel it, starting. And somehow you know it will be a horror. You go to him. Surely, surely he has an answer for you. Surely it can be stopped before it grows. 011: We Left Him With The Dragging Man. It’s nearly over. Because you’ve all agreed it can’t go on. And who else but you can do it? Isn’t he your responsibility? It has to happen. At least you have your friends. Don’t you? 012: You’re The Bomb, You Twisty Plonker! 013: Three Holes (I Love You) What can you say? It was a need. And

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in the moment, it felt… Not right. Not good. Just… Necessary. 014: Francie And Dennis Are In Tonight. They can help. And all it would take is a little offering. A little sacrifice. You want to know, don’t you? 015: Romancing The Crab. Oh Jesus. It’s going to happen. DBTR Christmas Special – ‘Lost Hearts’ by M.R. James. Down Below The Reservoir in collaboration with Words To That Effect present a very special Christmas treat – ‘Lost Hearts’ by the esteemed M.R. James, followed by WTTE’s exploration of the traditional Christmas horror story. Check out Season One of Words To That Effect at and watch out for Season Two, coming in February! […] 016: Pageant. The band strikes up. The host beckons. The lights are searing. Something stirs. 017: Those Are For Your Daddy’s Work. You’re curious. Who wouldn’t be? Tonight, you’ll find out. 018: Those Were My Husband’s Eggs. Because he loved you. That’s why. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications of upcoming episodes, events, news, and more. Support us on Patreon. © Copyright 2016 Down Below the Reservoir. Made with

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