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How to Download YouTube Videos on Your iPhone or iPad with Documents 5. Document 5 is one of the most popular applications on iOS platform as it is completely free and can be used without ad interference. Actually most of the Apple devices as like iPhone and iPad are not designed to serve for viewing as well as editing most of the file formats. You will not be able to find any inbuilt application for word document processing, image editing or ZIP file editing needs so users are finding Documents 5 as one of the most useful application that serves with all above needs and is perfectly optimized for iPhones as well as iPads. The Goods: It can be used as a documents viewer as well as media player that provides perfect support to almost all file types as like PDFs, common image formats, video files, HTML web pages and EPUB ebooks etc. This application can be used for transferring data between iOS and computer with more ease and such wireless connection offers lossless data transfer. Documents 5 can access your cloud storage by connecting directly to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and few other online storage type accounts. Documents application makes file uploading as well as synchronization much easier as here files can be directly uploaded to Google drive. Ability to save files in PDF format. Perfect text editor. Easily move files between iPhone and iPads. It is possible to mail more than 5 photos at a documents 5 youtube download time. The Bad: How to download YouTube videos on your iPhone: In order to download your YouTube videos to your iPhone you have to use following easy steps: Step 1 : First of all you need to install Document 5 software application for your iOS; it can be easily accessed from official website. Step 2: Once downloaded and installed then it is time to run the application on your device. You will be able to find a blue compass type icon on right corner of your device; simply type on the address bar and hit Go option on screen. Step 3: Once you get the search results then you have to select the first result in the list that is: “The fastest type free YouTube Downloader –”. Step 4: Now you have to paste the URL documents 5 youtube download of your desired video over this platform, for this you need to visit YouTube app and get your video there; come back to document 5 app and hit the share icon and then immediately go to copy link. Now it is time to return to document 5 page and then paste the URL in specified field, finally tap the continue arrow on screen. Step 5: After following above step you will be able to see a thumbnail of your preferred video on the screen and it will be observed with a green button that indicates download. Hit this button and wait for process to complete. Step 6: At lower right corner you will find documents 5 youtube download your downloaded file within few seconds. It is possible to view this file with document 5 software tool. Free download the best all in one video downloader- Wondershare video converter ultimate. How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone or iPad. With a number of cool videos on the website, YouTube boasts millions of clicks every day. You may wonder how to download YouTube videos directly to the iPhone or iPad so that you can watch the videos offline. Unfortunately, YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch and view videos on its website or app. documents 5 youtube download There is no download option for audiences to save Youtube videos to iPhone/iPad unless you have subscribed to YouTube Red, a subscription service that enables you to save YouTube videos for offline viewing. Luckily, there are some YouTube videos downloader tools for iPhone and iPad. With these apps, you can download and save your favorite YouTube videos to iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus or iPad Pro/Air/mini and watch them without the restraint of time and place. Can't Miss : Here we introduce this free app called Documents 5, the Documents by Readdle, which has been updated to Documents 6. It can download videos from YouTube and save the videos to the camera roll. Check how this YouTube video downloader works. Use Documents 5/6 to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone/iPad. Step 1. Launch Documents 5/6. Download Documents 5/6 in the App Store. Once finishing the installation, launch the YouTube downloader on iPhone, iPad. Step 2. Go to Online Video Dowloader. On Documents 5/6, tap the bottom-right icon that looks like the Safari icon (a compass). Then, it will display a web browser where you can type "" and enter the website directly. Step 3. Get URL for Youtube Videos. You need to get the URL - the address of the YouTube video that you want to download. There are two ways to get the URL: Launch the YouTube app on your iPhone/iPad. Find the video you want and wait until any advert has finished playing and the video starts. Tap on the video to show the controls and then tap the "share" icon (an arrow pointing right). You can then tap "Copy Link" . Open Safari and go to Find the video that you need, press and copy the URL address on the top. Step 4. Download YouTube Videos. Now return to the Documents 6/5 app. Tap in the white box to select it and paste the URL that you have copied in the box. You'll see the video of different formats (MP4, WEBM, 3GP) and various resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1280p, etc. Choose the quality and format that you want. Tap the green "Download" next to your preferred quality. If you want, you can rename the video and select a folder to save the video. Now tap "Done" and the video will be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad. Tip : It's best to only download videos via Wi-Fi as videos can quickly use up your monthly 3G or 4G data allowance. Step 5. Save Downloaded Video to Camera Roll. Once done, you'll see the video in the Downloads folder (or another folder that you chose) of the Documents 6/5. You can save this to your iPhone or iPad's Camera Roll (not the native Videos app, unfortunately). To do this, navigate to the video, tap Edit > Move and select Camera Roll as the destination. Now you can just head to the Photos app and watch the video. Tip : If you can't move the downloaded YouTube video to Camera Roll, that's because you have disabled Documents' access to Photos app in Settings. To enable Documents 6 to access Photos on iPhone, go to Settings > Documents > Photos and allow Read & Write access. With this YouTube video downloaders, you'll be able to get YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad and

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watch them anytime anywhere. Hope you'll find it helpful. If you've got another amazing app to download YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad, welcome to leave your comment or share with us below. Can't Download YouTube Videos on iPhone? Record it Right Now. Users have complained that apps to download YouTube videos stops working on iPhone or iPad from time to time, including Document 5/6 introduced above. If you can't download videos with YouTube downloaders for iOS, here is a workaround: download YouTube videos on your computer and then transfer the videos to iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Phone X, iPad Pro and more. Or you're able to record the YouTube video and save it as a new one. FonePaw Screen Recorder can save videos and music from YouTube on PC or Mac. And it can save the recording videos and audios in MP3, MP4, MOV or other formats you need. Step 1 Download and install the FonePaw program on PC/Mac. Step 2 Open the program and choose Video Recorder . Step 3 Select the region for the YouTube player and adjust the volume. Then, play the video and begin recording with the REC button. Note : If you don't make sure the region for YouTube player, here suggest you use Lock Window option and select YouTube screen to record, which will only capture the area of YouTube window. Step 4 When the YouTube video ends, please stop recording and preview it. You can save it to PC or share it to Facebook, Google Plus and more. After downloading or recording, you can copy the video to your iPhone. iTunes or iOS Transfer can help you transfer the video to an iOS device. Is It Legal to Download YouTube Videos? It is now an open secret to download YouTube videos through different tools. But that doesn't make it right to get videos from YouTube to our own devices. For one thing, there is copyright . The authors work very hard to create those wonderful videos. For another thing, it is against YouTube's terms and conditions , which states that "the data is intended for real-time viewing and not intended to be downloaded (either permanently or temporarily), copied, stored, or redistributed by the user". But legally, it is okay to download YouTube videos for personal use . The bottom line is

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that you should not attempt to benefit financially from the downloaded videos without permission from the authors. How to Download Music and Videos on iPhone. If you travel frequently or have a limited data plan, you may want to learn how to download music and videos on your iPhone. This is a great way to keep yourself entertained, even while you're offline. You can download videos on your iPhone to watch while traveling by plane or save your favorite songs to listen during your morning commute. This also helps you save some cellular data as you can download everything using your home Wi-Fi and then enjoy your favorite tracks and movies without worrying about the internet connection. This is where our free Documents app comes in handy. Besides being a powerful file manager, Documents works great as a music and video downloader for iPhone. Its built-in browser allows you to save songs, videos, books, documents, and literally anything from the web. Get Documents for free if you haven't done so yet. Let's see how to use Documents to download music and movies on your iPhone. How to download free music and videos on iPhone: Download Documents for free and launch the app. Tap the blue compass icon at the bottom right to open the built-in browser in Documents. Navigate to the webpage which allows you to download free music or videos. Tap the download link or button. Rename the file if needed and select where to save it. By default, Documents saves your files to the dedicated Downloads folder. The download has begun! You can access the download manager at the bottom of the screen to see all your active downloads. After the song or movie is saved, you can find it in the Downloads folder in Documents. From there, you can share your file with other apps (for example, move the downloaded video to the Photo Library). Documents also works great as a music and video player. Just tap a song or movie to play it. The app lets you create playlists and shuffle tracks as well as watch videos with subtitles and change the playback speed. Once you've learned how to download music and videos on your iPhone, it's time to practice. Download Documents for free and enjoy your favorite songs and movies wherever you