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8 Best Apps to Download Music on iPhone. Downloading free music for iPhone has become a time consuming task since almost all music downloaders were removed from the AppStore. iOS creators cared to protect musicians from illegal music distribution. However, there remained a couple of apps that can still bring new music to your iPhone. Check the list of these best music download apps for iPhone in our post. Spotify. Spotify is widely known in the United States. It’s a great music service with a pleasant interface. Spotify for iPhone groups all the available tracks by their genres like classic, rock, country and others. If you want to find a certain track, go to the search unit. Spotify is mostly used as a streaming app, but it can also save tracks for offline playback. Here is how you can do it: Add tracks, artists or albums to your playlist. Go to Songs if you want to make songs available for offline; or the playlist, band, or album. At the top of the screen, toggle Available Offline to make it green. Wait till the song or album is downloaded. When the process is complete, go to Menu . Select Settings > Playback . Enable Offline Mode . Download Spotify app for free. Free MP3Box. Actually Free MP3Box is a streaming music app, but it seems to be the best solution. With it you don’t need to bother your head about all those downloads, finding storage space, etc. Free MP3 Box allows users to stream any song on the basis of YouTube search. You can add your favorite compositions in Favorites or explore hot charts with hashtags like #trend #rock #berstof10years. Besides, it lets you listen to live radio absolutely free. All the music is legal and music tracks go with official musical videos, which you can switch off if your Internet connection is slow. You can read more about Free MP3Box in our related post. Tidal. Tidal is very similar to Spotify. It provides an access to high quality music tracks for $19.99 per month. The app offers comprehensive functionality, music sharing as well as offline listening mode. That’s what interests us most of all. With the Offline Mode, you can save a track you like directly to your iPhone and listen to it without Internet connection. It’s very useful if your connection is slow or your data plan is too expensive. Tidal lets you save for offline listening both the albums and all playlists. To download tracks with Tidal, you need: Run the app. Tap on any album or playlist. Press the offline toggler right below the album name or the playlist. Wait till the downloading process is completed. In case you want to remove any downloaded music saved offline, just turn the switch to the off position. This will free up storage space on your device. Download Tidal app for free. Apple Music App. Native iPhone music app is installed on any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It gives you almost all necessary music player functions: play/pause, stop, playlist creation and many more. Since Music app is a part of iOS, it gets updates and new features on a regular basis. One of the latest and most useful options is the ability to save music for offline playback. If you need to do it, the 1st thing to start with is to create an Apple ID in case you don’t have one. Then get a subscription for $9.99 per month. The next step is to turn on iCloud Music Library . You can do it in Settings > Music . You’ll be asked if you want to Merge or Replace your current music. Choose Merge to keep all your tracks and add the new ones to the existing music library. Now you can easily save music for offline playback. To do this: Run the Music app. Search for a song or artist. Tap a triple dots sing near the song or artist name. Choose Make Available Offline . Now you can save tracks for offline listening. Just note, the songs remain available offline till you pay for the subscription. If you decide to cancel it, the tracks will disappear. Google Play Music. Thanks to Google developers, they made their app available both on Android and iOS devices. Thus even devoted Apple fans can download and enjoy new or favorite tracks with Google Play Music. The free version lets you only stream music. However, if you get a subscription for $1.99 per month, you’ll be able to save music songs onto your phone and play them without the Internet connection. To get the songs with Google Play Music you need to: Install and run the app. Get a subscription. Tap a song, an album or playlist. Tap the Download icon. You can also tap three dots sign and choose Download action. Deezer. Deezer is one more great app that can help you get offline music onto your iPhone. Deezer offers the ability to download its music library for $6 per month. Please note that if you remove the app or stop paying, all the offline songs will become unavailable. To download music with Deezer: Download and run Deezer app. Get a subscription or use a 48-hour-trial. Search for a track, an album or an artist. Tap the Download button to save music. Amazon Prime Music. Amazon Prime Music as it states from the title is a music streaming service offered by Amazon. You can purchase a yearly subscription right away or get a free trial for 30 days. Like all the apps and services above, Amazon Prime Music lets you download track for offline playback. If you want to keep a song on your phone, you should: Install and run the app. Search for a song, artist or album you need to get. Tap the album name or a three dots sign near the song. Choose Download to download it on iPhone. Groove. The last but not the least is Groove, a music app by Microsoft. As well as Google Play Music, it offers its service for multiple platforms. For $9.99 per month, you can enjoy over 40M high quality tracks without ads. Moreover, Groove service lets you download the tracks and albums you like to your iPhone. If you want to try Groove, you can get a 30-day trial and decide whether you feel comfortable with it. To save music songs with Groove, you should: Search for and then play the track that you want to get. While listening, tap the three dots icon, and then tap Add to collection . The songs will be saved to your phone. To play them offline, simply enable the Offline mode by moving the Available Offline slider to On. UPD: On December 1, 2018, the Groove Music iOS and Android apps were retired. Do you save music onto your iPhone? What ways do you use? 7 Best iOS Apps to Download Music on iPhone/iPad For Free. Our beloved iPhone and iPad are great music players with amazing hardware and software features that enhance the overall music listening experience. However, you can only play songs online and it is not an easy task to download music on iPhone for free, unlike its Android counterparts. Luckily, you can solve this problem by using some awesome iOS apps to download music on the iPhone or iPad. In this article, we list 7 best free music download apps for iPhone and iPad. Part 1. 7 Best Free Apps to Download Music on iPhone and iPad. #1. Spotify. When it comes to best free music download apps for iPhone, Spotify must be mentioned. It allows you to feast millions of songs from all over the world for free and save songs offline. It also offers a mass of podcasts. With user-friendly interface, you can search for your favourite tracks, artist, or album and build a big music collection easily. To cater for your taste, this app offers personal recommendations and readymade playlists. If you want to enjoy more functions, go for a Premium subscription. #2. Amazon Prime Music. If you are an Amazon prime subscriber, then you get free access to the Prime music service. It has a superb music download app which allows users to listen to any music they like on iPhone and iPad. Music can be accessed via artists, genres, playlists etc. Users also have the option to save the music offline when internet is not available. #3. Google Play Music. The official Google music app is one of the best apps to use for listening to music, not just because of the great music it offers but also its awesome features. It offers users the ability to save up to 50,000 of their own songs online for free. And these songs can be accessed via the iOS app. Users can either stream these songs or save them offline on iPhone or iPad. With all these features available for free, the Google Play Music app is really one of the best apps for free music download on iPhone. The plus point of this app is that it is the official app from Google, so you don’t need have to worry about its security feature. #4. Evermusic – Offline Music. Evermusic is one of the best apps to download music on iPhone and iPad. This iOS music player app offers great features for music playback and music organization. However, what sets this app apart from the rest is its integration with a number of cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive etc. It allows users to store their music in the cloud, and it can either download them offline, or stream the songs from these cloud-based services. The app is free to download and use on iPhone and iPad. #5. Mazika. Mazika is a great music app on iOS. It has an amazing selection of music and offers the users ability to browse through it via albums, artists or genres. One can also create one’s own playlists. It also offers offline save mode for listening to music offline on iPhone. It is free to download and use. #6. Free iTunes Single of the Week. Apple offers free songs sometimes through its iTunes store. These songs are available as free download music for only a day. So if you want to cash in on such offers from Apple itself, just download an app called “FREE SONG NOTIFIER FOR ITUNES”. As soon as a song goes free on the iTunes store, as part of the free single of the week offer by apple, the app will notify you. And you can then go ahead and download that song and add it to your music library for lifetime. This app is available for all iPhone users and for free as well. #7. FMA. The Free Music Archive (FMA) may not be a well-known music download app. It is a repository which has a curated collection of free music available around the world. This collection of free music is completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about it’s functioning and all. With a very user-friendly interface, this iOS music app allows their users to access the music library according to their moods and needs, as well as download the songs on their iPhone or iPad. It also has the option to browse the music collection based on genre. Part 2. Other Ways to Download Free Songs on iPhone and iPad. If you have downloaded the MP3 songs on your PC, you can use any of the cloud storage services to store them and then download them to your iPhone using their dedicated apps. Beside these apps mentioned above, if you know of some sites that allow you to download free music, you can use Documents by Readdle to save songs on iOS devices. It is a file manager for iOS with a browser built in which can downloads the mp3 files from music websites on iPhone. From there you can organize them and play each using the built in music player of the app. However be aware of the legality of the music you download from such sites if you plan to do more than listening to. Do not indulge in illegal activities. Download Music from YouTube. YouTube is a large platform that provides a variety of videos including the music video. Music lovers can subscribe to its music video channels. But it is not possible for us to enjoy music by watching MV. In this case, you can choose to convert the downloaded music video to MP3 so that you can listen to loved songs anytime and anywhere. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is a good choice for you. Don’t judge the function of this software by its name. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader helps you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other websites. It also helps convert videos to MP3 format and keeps the audio of fine quality. Final Thoughts. All these best music apps we listed you can try to download free music on your iPhone/iPad. They all are very easy to use. The regular updates will fix all the bugs. If you have any other suggestion on the music app which can be used in iPhone, then please let us know in the comments section. We’re glad to hear from you. Top 10 Sites and Apps to Download Music on iPhone/iPad/iPod. Music is an integral part of our daily lives and most of our daily needs come online in the form of music streaming, downloading etc. But downloading music illegally isn’t an option anymore if you really want to support an artist or various artists. Though there are many options to stream our favorite songs or tracks, the options are more or less limited when it comes to free music. There are a plethora

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of free streaming and music download sites available on the Internet. So, if you want to know how to get your favorite tracks for free and also how to download music on iPhone , follow this detailed guide. We have come up with the 5 best free music download sites for iPhone. Part 1: Top 5 Free Music Download Sites. 1. Jamendo Music. Jamendo Music is an old yet evergreen website that has been offering free music for download for years. They have a library of around 470000 tracks and the downloads are absolutely free. They are rightfully protected by Creative Commons licenses as well. By this it means that the creators of the listed songs won’t bother you if you just download their creation or music for personal use. This is basically independent music devoid of any copyright. Though you won’t get famous musicians or singer here, you will surely love the work of the best creative artists for sure. You can review, share and even donate the artist if you like his/her work. Jamendo is also kind of a music explorer with free radio stations as well as playlists that gets updated regularly. Need music for your travelogue, commercial, short film etc? You can’t go wrong with Jamendo! 2. PureVolume. PureVolume is a website that boasts loads of free music downloads from a plethora of different artists both big names and aspiring ones. It has been around for a decade now and it has got quite a large fan following with close to a million visitors per day. You can expect artists like Skrillex, Kayne West, Tokyo Police Club, Mariah Carey just to name a few. But keep in mind, they don’t give away all of their tracks for free. Only some of them are free for download. Apart from them, they also promote the work of aspiring artists with all of them offering free songs of their latest creations. You can search and find top downloads, albums, genre etc. There is an entire community where you can get recommendations for the best tracks right now! 3. Amazon Music. Amazon! Sounds familiar, isn't it? Yes, the e-commerce giant also has something in store for the music lovers as well. Amazon Music comes with free music downloads and that too from a huge collection. It comes with a constantly updated list of free music download sections. The selection is quite good with hot releases from big names like Foo Fighters, Carole King, and the Blondie etc. There is everything for everybody like classical lovers, meditation and focus oriented songs, EDM, rock, blues etc. It also comes with streaming services as well. Coming from a reputed company, it is undoubtedly a site that you can trust. 4. SoundClick. SoundClick is a social music service offering completely free downloads including signed, independent, unsigned, and everything related. Basically, it offers a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their work for free and in turn lets you enjoy the music anytime and anywhere by allowing music downloads for free. SoundClick offers a great user-interface with simple search methods which are differentiated by genres, charts, and artists. You can download almost anything you want and can also opt for radio services as well. Keep in mind; it does come with both paid and free content as sometimes some artists tend to charge a fee for download. And you won't get full catalogs from big names here. 5. SoundCloud. Just like Amazon Music, SoundCloud also offers free music download collection. It has been around for a while now and it is quite famous due to the nature of the content it showcases. It is mainly a free streaming service accompanied by both free and paid downloads too. SoundCloud boasts unconventional content all thanks to many creative artists and talents all over the globe. It also comes with conventional content as well but all of which needs to be searched specifically according to your needs. If the artists enabled the free download service, you can get it for free or else it is chargeable. Major label artists only offer streaming services but there are many creators who give their work for free. Anyhow, it doesn’t come with a dedicated download option for everything, but it is a great website and if you are lucky you can get the best content out there. There’s also a slight chance that SoundCloud can offer completely free music downloads in future. So, these are the best free mp3 music download sites that you can go for. Now, in case you found

your favorite songs and downloaded to your computer, you need a way to transfer it to your iPhone so that you can enjoy it while on the go, right? So, if you are wondering how to download songs in iPhone, then we highly recommend you to go for Tenorshare iCareFone software. It is a stellar data transfer program that can easily transfer any type of music files from one device to another. In this case, you can use it to move your downloaded music files from your computer straight to your iPhone. Here’s how to do it: 1. Download and install the Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer. 2. Connect your device and select Manage > Music > Import to add music files to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. So, this is how to download free music on computer and transfer to iPhone using Tenorshare iCareFone. It is very easy to use and effective too. It will transfer all your files within a flash and works as a 2-way transfer method as well. Highly recommended for any type of data transfer! Part 2: 5 Free Music Download Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod. To download music you will definitely need a music downloader for iPhone. These downloaders are effective and do the job really well. Here are some of the best music download apps for iPhone listed below: 1. Spotify. Spotify is one of the most used music downloaders. It is quite famous and offers a user-friendly interface along with good music downloading services. Be it any genre like rock, soft rock, pop, classical, country etc, you can find and download it. Apart from a huge database, the best thing about Spotify is that you can stream music on the interface itself and also can save it for offline use. It is completely free to use and there are some premium services that are chargeable. 2. Google Play. Google Play as the name suggests is developed by Google themselves. It is available for both Android and iOS. So, you can easily use it on your iPhone. It boasts the latest music and tracks along with a huge library of songs as well as other media that you can download. You can use the free version of this app to stream music anytime and the paid version allows you to download and play tracks at a subscription fee of 1.99$ per month. 3. Freemake Musicbox. Freemake Musicbox comes with some unique features like great sound quality of tracks, exceptional user-interface etc. It is a free music download app for iPhone and it allows you to comprehensively download, stream, and share tracks on social media. You can multi-task using the app like search music and watch YouTube videos simultaneously. It is extremely convenient and most importantly free to use. You can expect some advertisements on the interface which can be excluded by a small fee. 4. SoundCloud. SoundCloud for iPhone is the most minimalistic and effective application for downloading songs on iPhone. It is by far the best free music app and much like the website, it offers the same functions like streaming, downloading and access to some really exceptional music content by various artists around the globe. It is incredibly simple to search, stream, download, comment and love tracks from your iPhone. 5. Free Music Download Pro. Free Music Download Pro is an all-in-one platform for all your multimedia download needs and especially music. The program comes with its own built-in player. There are playlists, the option to download songs as well as the option to turn on lyrics and tags. Other than that you can also manage multimedia files with ease with the help of this program. And last but not the least, as the name suggests, it is completely free to use. So, here are the best free music download sites as well as music downloaders for your iPhone detailed comprehensibly for you to check out. All of the above sites are fully operational and used by many people all over the world. They are the best and you can choose any or all of them anytime and anywhere if you want free music download for iPhone. The apps too are the best in the business. You can try each and every one of them and then choose the best according to your needs and requirements. And if you want the best music or any data transfer tool and don’t know how to get free music on iPhone after downloading, you know where to go, Tenorshare iCareFone. It is the best! Updated on 2020-01-09 / Update for Transfer Music.